TIP: 2019 Alfa Giulia Ti Sport $299+ tax

Hey all,
I saw this deal that I thought some of you might be interested in. I will try and give as much specifics as I can but the link to the dealership is listed below. I just thought this was a pretty darn good deal and they claim to have over 10 of these in stock!

CAR: 2019 Giulia Ti Sport
MSRP: Any car at or below $46,890
DOWN: $999 DAS + Bank Acq, + tax + title + license + 1st payment.
MONTHS: 36 months
CREDIT: Tier 1
MILES: 10K per year
PAYMENT $299+ tax

Again, I am just posting this as I thought it was a pretty good deal. Not looking for negative feedback and if you don’t care for the post, please just ignore it. I am hoping that someone in the LH community will find this beneficial as this is what I feel the site was intended for…to share deal and tips. :sunny: Thanks!


That’s not how this website works, you don’t get to ask people to stay off your post. If the deal sucks it will get called out. Luckily for you this isn’t bad.

It’s not 999 DAS though, it’s 999 down + drive offs.

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Plus another $1500 if you don’t have loyalty. The ad also states low mileage lease (not sure if that means 10k, 7.5k or lower).

Must also quality for loyalty.

I just find that people are so unnecessarily nasty when it comes to post like this that it doesn’t create an environment of collaboration which is why we are all here. I’m trying to do my part like everyone else here. :slight_smile: There’s enough negativity in our daily lives that I just think in a forum like this, where we all have the same interest of finding a “unicorn” deal, that we could be a little more patient, kind and helpful versus on the attack. #My2Cents

I did add the plus, plus, plus after the DAS. Wasn’t sure if that was correct or not.

Thanks for the feedback though.

Yes, you need loyalty. Thanks. It was 10K per year per the ad.

Yes, I missed that. Thank you

It “seems” like the dealer might be motivated since it’s the end of the month, so it could be a good place to start for some good hacks if they’ll play ball.

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Thanks for posting this. I am in NoCal helping my friend find a good deal on a Giulia Ti Sport or a Volvo S60.

This is a good comparison piece of data for me, as I am new to this site and still learning the details of lease hacking. Seems to me the Volvo’s have more competitive leasing from what I’ve seen so far, but this Alfa deal is just in the range we’re looking for.

How does the ‘loyalty’ bonus work, in general? I just sold my 2016 Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi Shaker w/ 16,000 miles to vroom about a week ago, as I’m downsizing for now. Can I still leverage this car as ‘loyalty’?

Not sure man and welcome to LH. You’ll have to call a dealership and ask about loyalty. I’m just a dude trying to help out.

Thanks, no prob - I’ll eventually get this stuff figured out. In the meanwhile, I still have my 2003 Nissan Frontier beater that will last forever, so no big rush until I get these lease hacking tactics down cold.

I do notice Bay Area Alfa dealers are far more stingy than this one in LA. I will wait them out, as these cars are not moving. If my friend gets impatient, she can just get a Volvo then.

I just saw this deal too, and was thinking about posting it. I think it’s a great deal to share because it’s lower than the usual lease prices.

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We are all adults. If you can’t handle a little criticism stay of the internet. That is how people learn. If a kid says 2+2 is 5 we don’t just ignore him because we don’t have something nice to say. People learn on this site because of all the discussion and back and forth. If every bad post was just ignored the people coming here to lean that were green wouldn’t be able to distinguish the good from the bad.

@CapsCup2018 I’m not asking for people to not comment, I’m just asking for people to not rip into me because I am a novice here. Going with your example; if your kid gets 2+2 wrong and answers 5, are you going to belittle them, be demeaning and insult them? I think not. That’s all I’m asking. Have some common courtesy and don’t be an a-hole essentially.

Seems like you’ve been on here a while and I am confident that you know the type comments that I am referring too. Thanks

That’s fair and I agree with you 100%. Constructive criticism is good being a troll isn’t. Your initial post came off as more not wanting any criticism. After your explanation we are on the same page.

Jeep and Chrysler products count towards loyalty. For anybody driving a wrangler or town and country

Thanks @CapsCup2018 I am a big boy and I can handle criticism and I think the word I should of used was, don’t be a “troll” as you said. Happy Hacking!

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