Time to return the 2018 330e ... wish could get another 330 ... but prices :(

My lease 2018 330e is due for return at the end of this month. Sad that the lease is ending at the worst market time.

For 36/12k, my payment is $330+tax/mo with $1750 DAS … this deal now sounds outstanding.

Residual value is $29k

So, in this market getting anything even close to my deal is impossible I guess.

Is there any hope for a $430+tax/mo with $1700 DAS for 35/12k?

Does 330e not lease well this year? should I look for 330i instead?

Any thoughts would be appreciated hackers!

Have you checked local BMW dealers what they can offer for it? Also can try autonation bmw dealers. Possible equity and offset the higher cost of another 3 series

Or extend your current lease for a while.

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Almost nothing does.

I went from a 330e to a 4xe Wrangler. It’s been a fun transition and I still get to use my L2 charger :slight_smile:


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