Tiguan SE offers between two dealers

'15 Tiguan lease is about up and we’re looking to get into '18 SE w/ Sunroof; have two months to turn in current lease, credit score 800+. two offers below on 36/10k lease

Dealer 1 (SE no sunroof):
$320/mo, $0 down, $15,900 buyout.

Dealer 2 (SE w/ sunroof)
$326/mo, $0, 16,800 buyout.

We’re tempted to buy it out at end of lease, but arent sure yet. each dealer notes the buyout is non-negotiable. my goal is to get the monthly sub-$300 and buyout closer $15k, any key phases you pros suggest we mention to get these #s down a little further? TIA!

You cannot negotiate the buyout price. It is set by the bank and non-negotiable. The only thing you can do to reduce the monthly payment is to negotiate a larger discount off MSRP. Additionally, even if you could negotiate the buyout, a lower residual would increase your lease payment

You can lower the buyout by getting a higher mileage term.

  1. It will raise your monthly.
  2. If you DON’T buy it out and don’t use that many miles, you’ve wasted your money.

good info, thanks fellas. Timing-wise, think waiting until november/december gives us better leverage on the monthly cost?

The Sunroof is a must have it just makes the Tiguan. $ 1116 is your overall difference Saturday is End of Month. Good Luck!!! You can do it!!

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agree, thanks! ^ hoping to see the ambient light issue resolved soon on this btw …

My wife has been driving it for a year and we have not had any issues. Her deal was pretty solid for a brand new body style. Can’t recall all the details but she has the SE 4motion 36/12 $350 das $350 for 35 months and it included all service visits and whatever the no cost turn in after lease is called.

I bet the odds are low you keep the car, so look at the bird in the hand- $6 x 36(?) = $216. Pound for pound, the one with the moonroof is the better deal.