Tiguan SE Lease - 7k down 😩

Hey folks, I missed the july incentives for VW Tiguan. Its been tough here in norcal. I had a dealer offer me this, but ive never put so much down. What do you guys think?

Pre-tax Monthly Payment: $126
Monthly Payment with Tax: $138
Drive-Off: $7,242

  • First Month Payment: $138
  • Down Payment: $6,099
  • Upfront Fees: $457
  • Upfront Taxes: $549
    Disposition Fee: $395
    Total Lease Cost: $11,995
    Leasehackr Score: 7.8 years

I’m confused - why do you have to or want to put $7k down?


More research…https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NQhqMhTXSYrH2KMIiIJZftLo2C13uOkopbqRUPB3r-I/edit#gid=242026089

I can’t get anyone up here to get me an effective monthly cost under under 335 for a Tiguan SE FWD, this is the first, but with 7k down, ridiculous. Thanks guys, i’ll wait up until end of the month see if incentives come back. Tony, thanks for the research. Man maybe I need to get one in Socal.

I would! I’m in NC and went to GA for two 2019 BMW 540i’s to get $63,000 cars for $385/month.

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Just tell them to structure it as 0 DAS or whatever you want. Unless you have dumpy credit you can put as little down as you want.


That’s a nice low money factor. Going to zero down would only cost you $120 over the entire life of the lease. It would be insane not to do that.

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If you go the SoCal route, hit up @rubbergash, he’s at $257+tax on a Tiguan SE with only driveoffs ($779). That’s with 7500/yr. but I’d guess even at 12k/yr it’d still be below what you’re at now.


What you’re requesting is not possible unless you put down considerably more than your negative equity. Give your credit, you’d have a hard time getting to $300/mo on a Tiguan S even without the negative equity. With the negative equity you have, you’d need to find something around $160/mo to be under $300/mo after. Even a unicorn Trax might be a tough find at that price point even at tier 1. You’re best served reconsidering, and continuing to pay down your Yaris.

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Sometimes this forum is just so darn amusing…


I would suggest to stay away from this deal. You are paying too much.
Either try a different car in your area or negotiate better after doing some research.

I signed in July for 2019 Tiguan SE for $1K out of pocket and $270 a month including tax for 36mo and 10K mi/yr - I could have done better if I wasn’t under time pressure.


I know, I had a similar quote in July and didn’t pull the trigger because I was researching other cars. When I went back expecting the same quote in August they said they couldn’t match it because the incentive was gone. They raised my monthly from 290 to 340 and would not move from that, for the same exact car. Come September now, im stuck again. I think I may have to fly down to socal and then drive up, might be a fun road trip.

So you want a Tiguan for $150/mo.

Enjoy the Yaris!


Don’t put anything down unless you have to. With a 700 FICO Auto 8 you shouldn’t have to put a dime down.

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That’s not a very reliable reference point, since the chance that VW Credit uses this score model for decisioning is non-existent.

From CreditWise’s site:

“chances are your CreditWise score won’t be the same one your lender uses since lending decisions consider many different factors and scoring models.”

So you’re going to do a 60 month lease?

This math isn’t hard…$4500/term plus rent charge plus tax.

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@Tiguanblack1144, you may want to just start a new thread since this one was someone else’s about their own situation. And is starting to sound like your issue is more complex than a single response requirement.

The only way to know how a creditor will evaluate your score is to find out which bureau they pull and which score model they use.

Many in auto finance use auto-enhanced FICO scores, but there is more than one of those per bureau.

myFICO has a product that will give you a few dozen different score models on all three bureaus, but it’s $30 or $40 a month.

Credit Karma gives the same garbage skores as CreditWise (ironic name for a product that gives useless credit scores). These scores are close enough except when they aren’t, which is often.

He lied…