Tiguan S FWD 2019 CA BAY AREA

I’m being trolled, so forget it.

whats the difference between the 18 and 19 model? if there isnt much, maybe try getting an 18 model. Could be even cheaper.

Try James Jamous in SF. He’s very very aggressive on this deals.

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42 mo is too long of a lease term. Makes the payment look cheaper but it’s not because they’re stretching the lease term.

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There could be a 42 month special that might be worthwhile. The car has a 6 yr/72,000 mile warranty, so that’s not an issue. 36 months might make more sense all things being equal. I’ve known James for 10 years and he’ll coach you transparently and he’ll give you the buy rate on the money factor. He might have something you don’t expect that makes sense. They show 31 2018 and 6 2019 Tiguans in stock:


It is the King Kong approved SUV…

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Go back to the first dealer and tell them you can get a 2019 at another dealer for the same price they quoted you, see what they come back at or tell them you’ll do something like sign and drive at the same payment($0 DAS) Nobody will give you a hackr deal, you’ll have to grind them a little. Also see if you qualify for the vw partner program through your employer.

Try emailing SoCal dealers. Might be worth the drive to save some $ if they are significantly cheaper


Just funnin’ you

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Thanks I tried him, he didn’t want to deal. Much more straightforward and transparent with Joe’l from Hilltop- They at least provided MF without asking. Couldn’t even get James to send an offer on email.

@Brachooo - check your PMs

There’s a saying- “you should dance with the one that brung you.” You still have that opportunity.

I get that some agents have feelings and go the extra distance sometimes, but do I really think that he can cry foul that you hurt his feelings if you cross-shopped? It’s often dog-eat-dog in car purchases & sales, and you can be sure that if he finds a buyer that is willing to pay more for the very car you spent weeks working on with him, he’ll dump you in a second. Maybe some agents are true blue, but cars shopping is all about deals, and playing one off of the other is fair game.

I was only trying to help you get a great Tiguan deal. You had said you spoke to James when in fact you had been dealing with some Breedlove guy prior to James. James got in touch with you after I referred you and worked the deal for you even though he would only get half the commission. You caught James when he was with another customer and he didn’t have time to look up the cap cost. You told him effectively no cap cost or I’m going elsewhere. He sent it to you 21 minutes later. People cross shop- that’s fine. But you were mis-characterizing him as uncooperative and so on, from before he ever spoke to via email.

According to James, he offered you $30/mo less for 36 months instead of 42 months. Looks like you got $28/mo less for 36 months. Sorry to say, but it looks like you mooched James’ deal with the dealer you wanted to deal with. Classy. But you’re welcome for saving you $28/mo and a 6 month shorter term. Yeah, I’m the bad guy. I just tried to cut through the confusion and help James with a referral and you with a better deal. As they say, “no good deed goes unpunished.”

There was confusion from you saying you had talked to James when you hadn’t. Some Breedlove guy at James’ dealership had your lead before James did - it was in their CRM. James quoted you $30/mo less and for 36 mo- do you disagree? Your deal was $2/mo higher for 36 mo, right?

I was just suggesting you go with the guy who brought you to the party. I didn’t pressure you out of anything- that’s your justification for doing what you did.

You asked for help here and that’s what I did. If I known you were just going to waste James’ time, I wouldn’t have wasted his time or mine.

The only reason I called him was because you saying JJ didn’t want to deal, etc. He wasn’t even talking to you.

I tried to clear up the confusion. I have no skin in the game (I don’t care if you believe that or not), and JJ was helping you for half the commission because this Breedlove guy had you there first.

When I talked to JJ, he told me that he told you he was with a customer and didn’t have time to give you the cap cost. One minute later you told him without the cap cost you were going elsewhere, which you had already been. He sent you the cap cost 20 minutes later when he had the time. We talked about the minute by minute because nothing was jiving with your story.

I can post the entire PM string for everyone to see if you like. I sent you the timeline because you were acting all put off because you didn’t get the cap cost when you asked for it.

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