Tiguan S California

So after much shopping and failed negotiations, I ended up finding a $159/month deal for the Tiguan S.

After all was said and done, my drive-off came up to $1,140 (acquisition fee, dmv, registration,…) which seems a bit high, but with a monthly of $166 + Tax for 12k/year for 36 months.

While I’m pretty sure the “acquisition fee” of $895 sounded pretty fishy, the overall value just beat out every other offer I had gotten up to that point.

What do you guys think?

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That’s great. Congrats!

Practically all leases come with an acquisition fee. VW’s is $625. Your dealer marked it up by $270. But sounds like the total cost still ended up being less overall.

Sounds nice! Do you mind breaking down your numbers a bit? MRSP I think is about 25k? How much did you negotiate selling price?

I getting pretty hyped for my own upcoming lease after seeing everyone’s amazing lease deals they are negotiating.


MSRP was $26,025

Adjusted Cap Cost was $20,778 (It seems like $2,500 of the reduction was rebates)

Monthly is $180 (including taxes)

The deal was advertised as zero down and first month free but the total drive off was $1,140 (which I was told was for a $875 acquisition fee, registration, taxes, and other fees) However, the paperwork reads entirely different, with no Acquisition fee, a first month payment of $180, a capitalized cost reduction of $1,500, + fees, but with a $1,000 rebate bringing the price down to $1,140.

Anyhow, I hope that helps. Let me know if I missed anything.

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Thanks that helps me a lot actually. $180 including taxes on a 26k MRSP car sounds like a great deal. Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing. I am also in CA and considering to lease a Tiguan. Would you mind let me know which dealership did you get the deal?

Just fyi, the should be willing to make some pretty great deals on the 2016 models soon, since the 2017 model is a refresh, do a search looks pretty nice, I am waiting for it to come out late this year to try it out :slight_smile:

Sure got it from Mossy VW in San Diego

According to the guys at Edmunds, the Tiguan’s residual value is around 55%, yet Leasehackr has it listed as 62%. I believe that’s a mistake, isn’t it?

i got a 2016 s tiguan lease for 0 down 35 payments of 220 with tax. 12k a year on miles… 350 acquisition fees.

Torrance, CA - VW

Pretty good deal.
I heard that inventories of the Tiguan are finally up in SoCal making it possible to score a good deal

Do you mind posting the sales sheet or lease terms you got by chance?

hey harry,

i will get you the numbers if you have particular question on the numbers just ask me. im not sure when i will be able to get the paper and scan it.

Hi Dev, just the terms used to get to $0 down and $220/mo. Sales price, money factor, residual, incentives would be awesome - thanks!


Just closed on a Tiguan S in CA this weekend. Went back and forth with many dealers, got a deal similar to OP. Only leased for 24m, 12k mi, but could have saved more with a 36m term. Dealer I ended up going with was easy to work with. I don’t have a copy of my contract but it looks like my monthly is slightly higher than it should be based on the numbers I saw when signing.

MSRP 26025
Selling price 20500
Drive-off 700 (first payment+tax, registration, fees, 134 cap cost reduction)
Residual 64%
MF 0.0001
Monthly $193+tax (leasehackr calculator suggests it should be $184+tax, I’ll have to follow up and see if they snuck something in)

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Which dealership did you get this lease at? Thanks!

Dublin VW. It’s in the bay area. They beat out every other dealer in norcal.

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Anyone has a good data point for the Tiguan S CA for 2017? we’re worried about the residual given that there’s a new 2018 model coming-out. I was offered $1,600 driveoff and $245/month tax included 36 months 10k which seems too high for 26k MSRP

Edmund’s is your friend. Also the current tiguan (dated and old) continues as the tiguan limited!

Look at a Nissan rogue is much better car imho.