Thread close thank u very much all hell

Thank u thread closed thank i

Actually discounted to that price or are incentives included in that discount?

Incentives are included

Looks like a huge discount and buy rate. Take it.

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That PFP is real??? :astonished:

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are you flirting with me


No lol, @drdvrgs had me convinced you really was on OF star

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She is, if you look at the trx thread you’ll see what a stud she is :eggplant:

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So that pfp is fake then?

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my pfp is me. Why can @jeisensc have a photo of himself and not get harassed :disappointed:


This with Costco?

Yes Costco included

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Yeah, that’s about 9.8% off which is pretty solid. Hate to lose the business but if it’s local to you, take it.


Thank u! Been great help :pray:t2:

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How many months?

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