Thoughts on Wrapping a Lease? Also, MSDs overrated?

Q #1 is simple: You want to drive that car asap, it has the interior you want and the price is sexy but the color isn’t available in what you want. They can look for a trade but it will take a week, meh.
Would you wrap your car? Thoughts on that move?

Q #2 is more complex: MSDs are great, but in some states they are overrated. Typically with maximum MSDS on a 450/500$ a month car, you will save about 30$ a month. If you are not able to put down MSDs, you can open a high yield savings account and save about 2% of the amount you’d be putting down as an MSD. For instance, if you are putting down $4k, you are benefiting $80 a year pre-tax and fees, which is lower than the money you would be saving by putting down MSDs but would be safer. In the (hopefully this doesn’t happen to anyone) case that a car is totalled or stolen, all the MSDs are gone whereas if they are in your savings account, accessible and all. Thoughts?

MSDs are not lost if car is totaled

No I wouldn’t wrap the car, I mean its a lease so its just money thrown away cause after 2-3 years it goes away. Also rock chips on the front can wrinkle and rip the wrap. But I mean theres worse way to spent the money if you want it…

In my area (NY) a more than decent wrap job will cost upwards of $4-5k. Seems like an awfully expensive way to get a color I really wanted on a car I didn’t own. If the deal was what I’d consider difficult to replicate I’d likely take a color I could live with even if wasn’t exactly my first choice…

Why would all the MSD’s be gone? Your insurance would, theoretically, make the financing arm whole and the MSD’s would revert back to you…

A good wrap isn’t cheap…

MSD at least w BMW are returned on an insurable total loss.

Read on this forum that MSDs are gone if totalled or stolen, and wraps are that expensive? damn I thought it was cheaper. So many white or black 3 series, it feels so overdone compared to the blues

Nowhere on these forums say that MSDs are lost.

And how is earning $80/year anywhere close to saving at least $30/mo?


A White 3er MSport or M340i is a timeless look, IMHO.

It’ll most likely be my next irresponsible use of credit (lol)

I suspect you’re confusing MSD’s with a cap cost reduction…

Mind I also did the math wrong before I posted and corrected it so it is a little better. Might just be overthinking.

Maybe I’m just gun-shy on that car. For me I just like the blue as it pops, the white is nice but is missing something, and I am not sure what. Also can we stop putting aluminum trims in this car? -.-

You can usually choose a deal or the perfect car (right color with right options etc). Very rare to find both. Pick one.

Also, saving $30/m with 3500 in MSDs equals ~ 9% ROI. “AVERAGE” market premium is 8%

You got the correct maths, already admitted I goofed. feelsbadmang