Thoughts on this SwapaLease deal?

Hi - I’ve never shopped on SwapaLease so curious to get some input on this.

I’ve done a fair amount of searching for a 3 series and with the recent MF hike for April + the limited inventory, I decided to look into taking over a lease. How do you guys think the below deal looks (as in this market)? Any advice on using a Swapalease? BMW does have their own $500 transfer fee separately I see. Thank you!

That car has been posted for months, which tells me that bmw has probably rejected several applicants (credit check on transfers is stricter) or the $$ ask is too high.

You’ll also have to pay tax again.

@nyclife can hook you up with a new custom order for a similar or even better price

I checked with @nyclife and he’s tried to help me out alot! Unfortunately the recent bump in rates worked against my favor.

Thanks for the info - I didn’t know about the tax part. Are those taxes different when you paid for a vehicle upfront? Thanks!

It’s paying 700/mo effective for a 330. Yikes

on fire burn GIF

$4k DAS (including BMW’s fee) and $540/month + tax for a used 330i?

It’s mind boggling that you’re even considering this.

And I’m not sure where you were doing the searching but you missed easily better deals posted on LH.


I was primarily considering it due to the opportunity of getting something quick vs waiting a few months. I took it as the leases would get not worse and better.

Don’t think I look hard enough on the deals here until the last month.

Not just the broker deals, also check the transfers religiously. You missed out on:

Prior gen (MY2020) 430i GC for $350/month.

2021 M340i for ballpark the same effective payment as your OP.

Just two examples

Yeah I saw some good deals in there recently, started to check daily now. Might have to check multiple times a day at this point.

Appreciate the direction towards that. It’s interesting I was able to extend my audi lease 6months, but yet still in the same position as before. Figured this market would get better… smh

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