Thoughts on this offer: 2019 Honda CRV EX AWD lease offer

2019 Honda EX AWD with moonroof in CT

MSRP: 29800
Selling price : $27,050
Monthly payment : $293
months : 36
mileage : 10k / per year
$2k due at signing

I think it is not a great deal but looking for confirmation. thanks

I leased a EX-L (36/15k) at the end of August for $296/mo + tax with only 1st month due at signing. I’m in MA, so you could potentially get the deal if you want to drive a bit. I know that residual/mf changed a bit in Sept, but no too dramatically.

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You’re currently at 9.2% off MSRP and most of the good CR-V deals here have been at least 12% BEFORE any incentives. You should negotiate the selling price further down. You may need to wait a little bit and shop at the end of the month then contact all the local dealerships and let them know you’re shopping around.


Would be willing to buy in MA. I will PM you. Thanks

I will work on that. Thanks

You need to be more aggressive negotiating that deal. Call multiple dealerships and come up with a reasonable number and ask them to beat it. With that MSRP you should be 5k less for the selling price or 15-17% less than MSRP

thanks. am trying now

Hi Colin
I am speaking to them now, what is your last name

Hello All,

NJ here (07090/07033 zip codes)

Looking at a 2019 Honda CR-V EX AWD lease ASAP. If someone could please point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Where can I find residual values, & MFs for 12k/36mo for this specific model & trim (and, in general, for any other make, model, & trim)? Is there a site with this important info?

Again, your assistance is much appreciated!

You can get the RV and MF at Edmunds

Just got for a family member 320 w/500 das on 36m 12k ex awd. So get them to knock at least another 500.