Thoughts on this lease? 2018 340i MSport 4700 miles

This is on a 2018 bmw 340i M sport package car with 4700 miles, 3yr lease and $2500 down. Thoughts?

Try that again… struggling to upload it properly lol

Looks good, rate is marked up from .00188 but 22% off is great for a car under 5k miles.

Get that MF down or a discount equivalent to that and you’ve got a deal. 24mo won’t be that different and bump the MF .0005 to waive the aqc fee and it might be less than 36mo

Thank you! What’s the best way to negotiate this? Specifically ask for that MF? I need to know what I’m talking about and learning all these details as I go lol

Here are your numbers in the calculator, something doesn’t add up. Maybe someone can double check it. No tax is listed on the sheet. Oh it’s Texas, probably some tax credits or other weird thing going on

I am in Kansas so figure 6.8 tax here, car I am leasing is coming from texas

Okay, well I put what appears to be everything in and the payment is off by $70ish

The sheet shows $2366.50 in cap taxes which aren’t included in your payment and account for the difference. If he doesn’t have to pay those in Kansas your sheet should be more applicable. You can also do MSD’s if you want to lower payment more.

Good deal. Same price I’m paying for my 340i loaner 3/36, except I had a bit more due at signing.

If someone wants this deal let me know, I decided to pursue a different car. I can give you the Dealer name and salesperson I worked with. PM me for info :slightly_smiling_face: