Thoughts on this 740i

Offered a 740i loaner with 4K miles on it at 699/month 0 down for 10k miles.

Msrp is 90920
Selling price is 64220.
Residual is 53% - 1.3% for the miles.

Dealer won’t tell me the mf, but reverse engineering suggests that it is marked up to .00175 (should be .00152).

Drive offs are around 1300 (including first months payment, 80 doc fee, and 586 dollars of “non tax fees” (dealer won’t break it down).

Is this a good deal?

Seem like a good deal, but I am sure you can get the MF down. Say you will walk away unless they show you all the numbers. Tell them you have reverse calculated it and it seems marked up.

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If that includes tax then I’d take it and ask for some items thrown in for free. Ex: extended maint, winter mats etc.

Is that the same one from Boston area?

i want to bump this back up

$699/mo on a $90k car sounds very solid to me. You’re at 0.78%, and most people would consider anything under 1% of MSRP actionable.

However, I don’t like that the dealer won’t give you the breakdown. Any decent dealer should be willing to tell you how they’re calculating the deal.

But even if the MF is marked up, that doesn’t mean they’re going to give you buy rate if they’re already taking a bath on the discount.

Hi all,

Sorry for the delayed response. This is from BMW in Palm Springs.

Ended up getting the vehicle at 699/month + 0 down (1391 drive off). It was a service loaner with an MSRP of 90920.

I should note, the dealer was not entirely trustworthy. When I drove from Newport Beach to Palm Springs the deal was supposed to be 699/month + 0 down for 12k miles. But when I got there they changed it on me (saying there was an additional acquisition fee that needed to be included in the monthly to come to 724/month for 12k). At that point, I had driven 2 hours and just wanted the process to be over so I agreed to pay. The 1391 sign off was also slightly marked up. They have a few more 740i loaners that you could probably get a good deal on.

One point of clarification: It was 699+tax/month for 10k miles and 36 months.

I don’t get it. You stated $699/month several times, yet you also said the dealer played tricks and added the acq fee, resulting in $724/month. Which was it?

Edit: $699 for 10k and $724 for 12k makes sense.