Thoughts on this 2022 M240i lease deal?


I’ve been looking all over for an M240i to lease and I’ve finally found a deal that’s at least palatable, and I wanted to get everyone’s thoughts. I’m in NY so I have to pay taxes upfront, all fees are also upfront.

$55,800 - MSRP
$55,800 - Selling Price
$5,450 DAS
MF 0.00176
RV 54%

$904 per month

You should finance this. 904 is a scary bad number for this. Also, see the thread linked below
2022 M240i lease review - low mileage - Ask the Hackrs - FORUM | LEASEHACKR

Nah buy this. You don’t have to put that upfront too, you can capitalize taxes and fees even in NY

I know things are different now but that seems crazy. I pay slightly more for my G80 lease. For a 2 series that seems too much. Sad how bad things are right now.


Not sure what the Genesis G80 has to do a lease for an M240i?

Means G80 M3.


OHHHHHHH. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I can’t keep a mental database of these things either.

A friend is considering picking up a 2006 650i, and when I decoded the VIN the decoder identified the car as an E63.

And then there’s the ever-popular G20.

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How is effectively $1000+/mo for a $55k BMW “palatable” in any sense of the word? :laughing:


One man’s palatable is another man’s crazy. You’ve seen the worst leases thread, right?


Oh yes, and this one belongs there. I’m curious what sort of other offers OP got before he got to “palatable”!

If OP is dead set on one, this is definitely a buy/finance situation.


I was just about to say, there’s nothing remotely palatable about this :grinning:

Youre paying $38k to lease a $55k 2-Series for 3 years then give it back.

As mentioned, just finance it. Even on a 60 month loan your payment will be within ~$100 of this and you’ll have way more equity after 3 years.


Great deal just under the 2% rule


Thank you to everyone for the advice, definitely not going with this one. It’s a shame because I really like the car, but there’s no getting around how bad this deal is. I guess “palatable” was the wrong word LOL

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Im highly considering buying one of these myself. If you were willing to pay that much and you really love the car, why not consider a purchase?

If I were to finance a car I would definitely want to buy used, I don’t want to eat the depreciation associated with a new car.

Hmm isn’t that what a lease does? You paying (eating) the depreciation.

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True. Perhaps my point about depreciation is moot, I just don’t like actually owning a depreciating asset and would much rather let a dealer worry about it.

The bigger picture is net cost to drive the vehicle for however long you intend to keep it.

In this market the benefits of leasing can only be had on a limited selection of vehicles.

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Well just pick something which doesn’t depreciate that much. A civic for example. If you’re buying a luxury car some moderate amount of depreciation is basically assumed.