Thoughts on this 2019 Volt LT offer

I’m located in Michigan and shopping for a plug-in hybrid. I’ve been working on this particular Volt for a few days. It’s a loaner. I don’t qualify for the GM or conquest incentives but I do qualify for the Educator Discount.

MSRP: $34720
Sale Price: $29,200
Residual: $19,096
DAS: $535
Monthly Payment w/ tax: $335


It’s not as good as some of the Ford Fusion Energi deals I’ve seen out there but I think the Volt’s extra range might be worth it. I’m also having trouble getting any of the area Ford dealers to give me a decent price everything I’ve gotten so far is $300+. The only other option might be the Niro Plug-In but I haven’t gotten any numbers on it yet. Anyways thanks in advance for your thoughts/suggestions.

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What are incentives, MF? Looks like a typical crappy GM demo discount (typical). Keep in mind you lose the initial demo miles.

I haven’t seen the incentives broken out yet. The MF is .00071 I believe. When you say lose the demo miles are you saying that the current miles would count against my 30k?

Correct, yes so if it has 5k you only get 25k.

Only GM does it that way.

First I get that this isn’t a great lease, but I want a plug-in hybrid and other than the Ford Fusion Energi there aren’t many lease options in Michigan (I don’t qualify for GM Discount), but I’d still like to make sense of this deal.

I’m really having a hard time figuring out what the actual selling price of this car is to make the calculator work. I’ve got a rebate reduction in the capitalization but also a rebates in the due on delivery. Dealer says the $1993.02 doesn’t factor in somehow and that makes zero sense to me…thanks in advance for the help

So after several emails back and forth here’s what I’ve come up with…

The sale price is $31,098.10 minus $2750 in rebates or $28348…

The rest of the deal is structured like a sign and drive but I’m putting in $596 in capital cost reduction with “consumer cash”

Feels like a ok deal even if it’s a little strange.

You should specify which Make, Model, and Year you are looking at. I presume this is a 2019 Chevy Volt, but we are not mind-readers.

My bad I cut the top off and forgot it didn’t have the make/model. It’s a 2019 Volt LT