Thoughts on this 2017 Chevy Volt LT Deal?


EDIT: I just had the Finance Manager at another dealership offer $289/mo on the same setup ($0 down, 36mo, 15k). I suspect he is using IVCs to get there. Thinking this is the best deal I might get for September.

I think its an okay deal for 15k miles.

If they have any IVC, you can def get it lower( $10-$50)

I asked. He said they were all used last Friday. Thanks for taking a look!

Basically a dealership gets an X amount of certificates a month that they can apply to any car to complete a sale. They are $500 and i think they can put up to 3 on a car.

When i got my bolt lease, they apply 3 of them totalling $1500 to get my price down to what i wanted. So my “rebates” you see on the screen totaled $6500(i didn’t qualify for comp lease)

But they burn through them fast so you have to find out when they get it and ask if they can apply it to the car.

FYI, i am paying $300/month for a Bolt Premium 12k miles. 0 walk off.

I got quoted for $221 for an LT for 12k. 15k will raise monthly usually around $65 more. That is with 3 IVC applied though. Most dealerships won’t apply 3 IVC. Usually 1 or 2

Sounds like you got a great deal. Not sure if I will pull the trigger or wait until next month. Thanks again!

Are you getting a second Volt? Is there a reason you wouldn’t wait to see if the Costco GM sale comes back? I am referring to the link below. I can’t get any dealers in San Diego to that 29595 price. I am asking because I am in a similar situation. I would also like to know if you like the Volt enough to get a second one.

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Ha. Good point. We currently have two Volts (2015 and 2017). The 2015 is coming due this Dec. We were turned onto the Volt by my father-in-law, who has leased two for himself and one for each kid. Together, we’ve leased 7 volts form the same dealership. Kinda crazy.

To be honest, I looked at EVERY car out there because I wanted something different, but keep coming back to the Volt because its such a good deal when you consider all of the incentives that are still out there (not to mention the HOV sticker which is a huge selling point for my commute). I factor in the $1500 State Rebate, $500 PG&E rebate, and $200 Costco cash cards. All of these incentives go into a separate checking account that covers the monthly payment for 7-12 months, depending on how good of a deal I can get.

To your point above, I should probably stay patient and see if any sales or additional incentives come back towards the end of the year. Started looking sooner because the registration is due in Nov (extra $286, only to give it back the following month).

And yes, we do like the Volt enough to continue leasing. The hatchback allows us to do just about everything we enjoy, from camping to Ironmans. No complaints really!

I just had the Finance Manager at another dealership offer $289/mo on the same setup ($0 down, 36mo, 15k). I suspect he is using IVCs to get there. Thinking this is the best I might get for September.

Is that $0 down / $0 drive off?

Correct - $0 down / $0 drive off. Not sure if I can get it any lower. I am tempted to wait until the end of the year for Costco GM closeout discounts.

I think its a good deal for 15k miles.

I want to get one for 10k miles.

Whats the msrp on the car ?

In the pic above - $34,095

Waited a month and now we are looking at $254. Zero down zero drive off. Any wiggle room?

Can you post the breakdown (selling price, MF, rebates, etc.)? That seems like a good deal based on what I’m seeing available

Also, is that $254/month including tax or not including tax?

Sorry all - this was a price mistake by the sales guy. I snapped a pic of the deal and posted the initial numbers here but found out he entered a Volt deal on a Bolt model. It didn’t make much sense to me. Sorry for the confusion.

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Great thread everyone! I’m interested in leasing a Volt towards the end of the year here. When do the end of year deals normally come out? I saw the previous post referenced here (net $130/month) was in early Dec… Thoughts anyone?