Thoughts on Lease deal? 2019 Silverado RST

2019 Chevy 1500 RST - All Star Package - V8

Putting 1500 down to cover all the upfront stuff. Took me a while and got these numbers. This is all they would give me. Thoughts?

My first time leasing, I went in to see what I could do and then walked… this is what i got.

Does 39 months make sense with paying for a while extra year of registration? 36 might be cheaper in the long run

I’d sign. I would love a deal like this in CA

I would try to get more off MSRP. Is the “Market Value Selling Price” MSRP or did they mark it up MSRP and say its market adjustment scam as a trick to look the discount is larger? Especially since the Silverado recently has lost its 2nd best selling truck crown to the Ram 1500 last month.

See below at CarGuru for an example of what theyre going for here. They include the rebates listed in the price. But I’d search CarGurus for the RST Allstars in your area (maybe even a couple hour drive) but you could end up saving.

Interesting, never thought of that.

Their MVSP was the MSRP as it matched the sticker price. So that is correct. I just checked out that link, interesting .

You should probably use that quote to your advantage since you have it with you. Check out other local dealers and make them earn your business (Unless you’re loyal to this dealership/customer service is better). It doesn’t hurt to try and you’ll only end up with a better deal or you can take this one

Id search around I’ve seen some from 15-30% off from dealers websites. Now im not sure what region youre in or what discounts were factored in those deals.

But I just used CarGurus as a baseline which is a great tool maybe @chevysalesgirl can help you out.

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Yea i was thinking about that - just haven’t had the time as it takes a while to get to numbers like that. I think I am at the end game with them as they are not moving much more from those numbers.

I am thinking of waiting until the fall, I noticed the lot at 60 2019 RST and I know the 20s are out soon. So i might just wait it out.

I am in New England.

Well, the best recommendation I can give you is don’t show the eagerness. Don’t step foot in the dealership until you have the numbers you are happy with. Just go online to the dealership website and request a quote. They’ll likely email you within an hour (It is monday and they aren’t busy). Just tell them you have a better quote and you’ll get the car from them if they can beat it.

I agree, best thing I did was walk after being there for 3 hours. We have been texting actually, but I keep playing it off that I am waiting.

Never waste your time going there unless it’s a dealer you’re loyal to and are straight forward with you. I only have 2 dealerships that are like that with me in which I have built a good rapport with the manger. He comes straight over shows me his invoice price (Probably not his true invoice price). I can know from that how much wiggle room I have with him and we work off from that. All other dealers, I just give them my first name and email and say, here’s the deal, I want this car show me the best you got. If you beat the other offer, then we’ll proceed from there.

kind of want to know the RV and MF for the RST model, might be a really interesting hack
edmunds shows approximate 6x% for 36/10k

Hit her up she can make it happen @chevysalesgirl.

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That’s a strong deal but definitely ewe on the 39 months.
But waiting might not be better because residual value goes down as the year goes on.

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Interesting - why the jump to 39 from 36? I’ve noticed that more recently.

I was going to wait until after Sept 3 when the current incentives end.

The best I think they would do 383 month for 15k / 39 month 1500 down which is pretty good, just not ready to pull the trigger yet.

I just leased a 2019 Silverado with an MSRP of $51,945 for 24/15 at $452/mth $0 DAS (just first month and taxes). You seem to be right in the range.
For background:
I had GMS and the dealer went an additional $900 below GMS (wound up about 11.2% under MSRP). My regional incentive for leasing was $1000 and I had returning lease incentive of $2000.

That $1500 down is bringing your payments down $38 per month too. Something to think about when putting cash down on a lease.

Is $452 a smoking deal, not really but I’m satisfied with the vehicle.

That seems pretty good with 0 DAS. What trim did you get?

LT Crew Cab 4x4 Z71 5.3L in Northsky Blue.