Thoughts on CPO Macan

Need your input on this matter - purchase question. Found 22 Macan Base with MSRP of $72k - listed for $58k. ~3000 miles on it. Listed at about 20% off from original MSRP. Anyone familiar know if additonal discount possible on these? TIA

When was the warranty punched, if it’s a loaner it starts from in service but cpo offsets that a bit

Start date was Oct 22. Not really worried about warranty - will keep it for max 3-4 years at mosf. Just Wondering if this deal is fair or not.

That’s a pretty good deal, there might be $1,000 or so that you can try and squeeze out of the deal.

Auction has these $55k currently so that $58k retail price tag is around as good as it’s going to get. @Chari


20% off a 1.5 year old car with 3k miles and it’s CPO’d? I would be pretty happy with that.