Thoughts on base c300 lease deal

Adjusted Cap Cost: $37,437.27 ($316.52 Reduction of Price $37,788 from Drive-Off)
Money Factor: 0.00187 (Factory Rate for All 2016 [2015 Models are less])
10K Residual: 63% ($26,913.60)
12K Residual: 62% ($26,486.40)
15K Residual: 60% ($25,632.00)

My apologies as the lease payment is actually less: $412.66 + Sales Tax

The car specs in question:
2016 C300W $38,950
149 Polar White
101 Black MB-Tex
R48 17-Inch Split 5-Spoke Alloy Wheel
218 Rearview Camera $460
293 Rear Side Airbags
355 SD-Card Navigation Pre-wiring
413 Panorama Sunroof $1,480
5P8 Control code - scheduling & production i
6P5 Factory Code
677 Comfort Suspension (lowered)
736 Black Ash Open Pore Wood $325
851 Factory Code
873 Heated Front Seats $580

 SUBTOTAL                                    $41,795
 DESTINATION & DELIVERY                         $925
 TOTAL                                       $42,720

What’s the total drive-off?

MF for 2016 C300 is .00152, not .00187, assuming Tier 1 credit. Looks like the dealer is marking it up.


Thanks for the prompt response. Just started out on this site. It’s awesome! Seems like it’s a bad deal, I guess. The drive off is 2500.


I wouldn’t say it’s bad per se; 13% off MSRP is about what you’d expect. However, it can certainly be better.

Was the $412.66+tax and $2,500 drive-off quote for 10K, 12K, or 15K miles/year?


Again, thanks for the feedback. It’s 36 months/10k.


  1. Edmunds is showing that the average selling price of a 2016 C300 in CA is ~13% off MSRP. This quote has a selling price of ~11.5% off MSRP. It should be feasible to negotiate another $1,000 off for a selling price of $36,788.

  2. If you qualify for Tier 1 credit, insist on a MF of .00152. Auto-pay lowers the MF to .00142.

With the changes listed above, the lease payment should be $365/mo+tax with ~$1,800 drive-off.

If you place 10 security deposits, then the MF drops to .00072, which results in $320/mo+tax with ~$1,800 drive-off + $4,000 security deposit. Up to you if it’s worth saving $1,620 over the course of the lease by lending Mercedes $4,000.

Best of luck!