Thoughts on 330e loaner deal?

I am new to this and a bit confused. Can I get your opinion on this lease deal for a loaner 330e?

Mileage: 3409
10k miles, 24 months

MSRP: 48140
Discount: 7928.62
BMWFS: 6000
Adjusted Price: 34211
Tax: 2438

Balance (w/ taxes & fees): 37,937

1000 down, 378/month

How many miles per year ?

10k miles, 24 months

If you’re in TX or CA, not very good. But if you’re more remote I’d say this isn’t bad. Especially with dwindling inventory

I am in Chicago. The car is in Texas, so I would also have to pay to have it shipped to me.

I wouldn’t bite. After shipping you’re effectively at 1% which isn’t good on this car.

Ok thanks!

Are you able to do this as an Owner’s Choice? That may make it worthwhile…

Work with them. Tell them it’s the end of the month, lease support is ending soon, and give them a target payment and drive off and see if they bite.

I would walk. Again, this deal is already done so unless you love this car for some reason and are willing to pay more, it doesn’t make sense. I’m guessing you’re speaking with SA right?