Thoughts on 2018 BMW 330 Lease

New here and finding so much useful info. I am in preliminary negotiations with my dealer (in Ohio/Cleveland) for a new 2018 BMW 330.

MSRP: $53,660
“internet price” $49,995
$6750 incentives ($3000 preferred customer dealer incentive/$3750 BMW lease credit)
Sale price: $43,245 (if I am calculating this correctly)
Costco discount has not been applied.
0 Down
Drive-off: $976
36 months/15k miles p/year
Do not know residual or MF (yet)

$676 p/ month…which I know is silly…but I’d like to know how silly and where I should be shooting.

Thank you all so very much.

what is the $3000 preferred customer dealer incentive? I’m aware of the $3000 lease credit and $750 loyalty.

I think what they’re actually doing is only offering a $3000 discount less incentives and then marking up the MF. I don’t know your exact taxes for your Ohio county but I get pretty close.

This is an awful deal.

You should do the following:
(1) Shoot for a pre-incentive sale price of 10-13% discount.

(2) Try to stack fleet (you have it if you have Costco) and get an OL code. Each of those is an additional $500.

(3) Negotiate for buyrate on the moneyfactor which is .00166.

(4) Sign up for a 3 year BMW CCA membership and that’ll save you $500 as an after lease rebate.

That should get you to a better place.

First…thank you for taking the time to response to my question(s). They are calling the “preferred customer incentive” an additional dealer discount (in the fine print). Thanks.

Understood - but I come up with very different numbers factoring in 6000~ in pre-incentive discount vs what their number reveals which is actually only a $3000 pre-incentive discount.

A full worksheet from them would reveal that.

Thanks again. I am awaiting the full sheet to be sent to me.