Thoughts on 2017 BMW i3 Rex lease? (VA)

I’m mulling this lease over. I don’t have all the details, but the monthly seems a little high. I also have a tradein with $-2k equity that I’m going to roll in, but these are the numbers without that.

He was giving me $433/mo with $1.5k cash down. Calculator is giving me around $420 with .00116 MF so I’m trying to figure out where some money went.

Dealer is in MD (for $300 doc fee cap), car will be registered in VA (no state incentives, full tax charged on lease).

2017 BMW i3 Rex (Deka, Parking Pkg, Driver/Tech Pkg, Harmon Kardon, Moonroof)
MSRP $54145
Sale price $50545
Residual is 57% for 36/12
Lease Cash $7500
Option Allowance $1000
Fleet Discount $1500 (plus .0002 MF reduction)

I submitted my credit application today to lock in the October programs in case November is worse, and I will be driving over to the dealership (1.5 hr) with my trade-in on Saturday. Any points I should negotiate? I’m happy getting it under $500 with the negative equity tradein, but I don’t want to miss any glaring mistakes in the quote. First thing I’m going to do when I’m there is doublecheck the MF.