Thoughts ? 2021 glb250 45.6k .671 with 1k signing. 12/36

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This deal is not great, it’s for my in laws. But this is the best I can do.

I reached out to 7 dealers. A few didn’t respond.
Best I could get is this dealer right down the street. I started with 10 percent and base MF, and slowly kept dropping, 9, 8, 7…no one would deal. We got two cars from one dealer who gave strong deals previously could not beat this price.

Local dealer would do this deal at 6.5 percent but the math doesn’t add up. This includes maintenance a and b. my calculator does not. Is maintenance really 1600ish? I thought it was residualized.

I worked with a broker who was great, had a deal in place, credit app, insurance cards, and the dealer kept stalling and backed out. Kind of annoying, but I get their stance.

By the time I go back to the broker whose discount is now in half, include shipping, broker fee, out of state doc fee…it’s a complete wash with the numbers.

Can anyone help me do a deal in the tri state area this weekend? Or point me to a dealer.


Look for a 2020 and finance it.


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