This seems like a terrible deal


I’m looking at a kia stinger GT2 lease right now and I got a quote from a dealer I found on cargurus for $703/month 10k miles 36 months $0 down 50% residual. This just seems like an absolutely terrible deal especially considering it’s almost 20% off sticker! I was hoping to be around or under $500/month


It’s on a demo too. Their discount is horrid.

That MF is a killer. Have to assume it’s marked up.


Residual and MF kill all stinger deals. It’s too bad because if both were decent people would be driving these for sub 350 per month with that huge incentive

Is this a used or demo vehicle? It has almost 3600 miles on it based on the ad.

Did you confirm the MF & RV at Edmunds for your zip?

Garbage. You could almost buy it for that monthly payment.

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If you want a Stinger, the best deal is to lease it for the shortest term and highest incentive lease then immediately buy it out. KMF only charges the MF monthly, so if you buy it out right away and finance it, you don’t pay the remaining rent charge. People are doing that to take advantage of the absolutely crazy lease cash as much as $9100 on a 24 month GT2 AWD lease.


I don’t think I’m understanding this, but I’m curious. So people are basically leasing, making one payment, then refinancing and walking away with more off MSRP than they would have by taking standard incentives/financing? Any real examples of this?

I’ve heard of it over on Edmunds and ready about it on some of the Stinger forums. As I haven’t done it myself, I can’t confirm it. But for someone looking into a Stinger, it seems worth an hour of digging around…

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Aside from digging around on the internet, is there a way to confirm this?

Call KMF. 2020

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Yes, you can lease and then buy out the lease after a payment or two.

When I leased my stinger, incentive was like 7k on the GT2 and that’s what everyone was doing. It’s the only thing that makes sense on this car. You can walk away paying 38k on a 53k dollar car if done smoothly.

It is worth every penny of 38k, I think.

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In a state that charges sales tax on the full sales price you have to factor in paying sales tax twice to see if you still come out ahead.