This post has been taken down

This post has been taken down.

Wish this was in Houston. nice deal

We can always get it to Houston! :grin:

do you have to do a mileage penalty in addition to the residual on these

Your numbers don’t calculate out on a 24 month lease.

Yes, 4% + $1,252.25 for the miles

Wish this was in Nyc would take it right now.

What was the original deal? I think it should be left up even after being SOLD for comparison sake.

I don’t think it was sold.

i will keep my eye out on your posts… my father actually lives in California…

was it taken down because it was too good to be true? price discrepancy?

Curious as to what it was as well

I’m curious how he was able to edit his post without old text being saved.

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Me too!!! @michael and @littleviolette is that a bug?

It’s actually not the first time he does it.

I usually edit for clarity/typos. This was taken down because there might be a vehicle cost discrepancy, so don’t want it to be “too good to be true” if it’s not 100% accurate. I’m going to repost tomorrow after I get the green light.

Might be a cost issue, want to 100% it before posting. Checking with someone tomorrow which I wasn’t able to get in touch with today.

No problem with you taking it down. Just don’t understand why the old text disappeared from edit. It always stays there, like edit history :thinking:

Yah, I don’t get it either. The site has been very buggy for me I get “your account doesn’t exists” like everyday and the “429 too many requests” maybe that’s part of it?

What car was this for? I’m curious

Loaded 230xi ,going to post it tomorrow.