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Multiple people desiring the same deal doesn’t mean anything at all. Sometimes deals are one off. I think you’re setting yourself up for failure


Just wondering: have you told them you’d get multiple if you get a specific number?

You could just be being nice but if they’ve already offered you those numbers, what more are you hoping for?

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Originally my brother-in-law’s going to go with me and I talked to the dealership and asked if they can match the deal if we do multiple and I feel like we can beat them with our buying power

Typically if we start getting a bunch of calls on the same cars the director will start to increase pricing based on demand… So you might actually be hurting your chances


This is what I figured. It usually doesn’t work out but GL, do share your story afterwards!

I’d much rather take one loser deal than two lol


I’ll pass, but make sure you use protection. That dealership sounds promiscuous.


For the right price, I’ll take a S60 lol

Never thought i’d see the words tagteam and Volvo in the same sentence, but it is NJ I guess. Anything goes.


they have like 50 xc40s and winter months are notoriously bad car selling months

They don’t need to sell them now.


Thats right. Because you’re the expert in moving metal and not Cody @ 80+ Units/month to his name


Cody is in sunny CA. What does he know about winters in NE lol

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They’re colder than they are in California?

Ask Cody :grin:

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People here in Florida are dumb (yes, I’m down here again – for a wedding). It was “super-cold” this morning according to the news – 56°. When it gets below 70°, people take out down coats, scarves, gloves, etc. It’s ridiculous.


Imagine if they called for snow!!!

It’s too far south. It doesn’t even get down to freezing. On the very rare occasion it goes into the 30s, it’s 38° at the least, but usually, the lowest it gets is the low 40s, and that’s when the most extreme cold fronts hit.

Just a hypo haha