Third Party Leasing with Dealerships?

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So I have been going back and forth with some dealerships on a 2016 GMC Canyon and am finding it easy enough to get to an approximate 25% discount off MSRP when taking the current incentive ($5500 off) which would result in a decent lease deal. The problem is that the $5500 cash back is not valid for GMF leases so I was hoping to do a 3rd party lease from somebody like US Bank. But I am finding pretty much no dealers in Ohio that are claiming to have relationships for leasing other than GMF. Are there any other tricks you all know of to pull together a 3rd party lease or are you SOL if the dealership tells you they don’t work with anybody else?

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Ask @RVguy if there is a CU (credit union) in your area who work with GMC dealers.

@aellis The Ohio credit unions we have signed up are community charters so you have to live, work, worship or go to school in a specific set of counties. So if you qualify, let me know and I can steer you to a GMC dealer that hopefulyl can work a great deal using that rebate.

Glass City FCU: Lucas, Wood, Fulton and Ottawa counties in OH
Directions CU: Crawford, Wood, Fulton, Lucas, Ashland, Huron, Knox, Richland, Wayne, and Tuscarawas counties in OH plus Monroe county in MI
Telhio CU: Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware, Licking, Madison, Pickaway and Union counties in OH

I think you are in Wayne County so Directions CU will be your ticket.

If you can drive a couple hours from Sterling, OH to either Ballas GMC or Dons Automotive Group, those dealers can use Directions CU with a great MF. That link you posted a few days ago that had the Credit Union RVs will have the RVs that this Credit Union will be using.


@RVguy, thank you!! I do actually live in Wayne country so looks like Directions CU is perfect. I’ll let you guys know how I make out on this one!

Sorry to add another layer to this thread but I was wondering if there were any third party leasing companies that would do a lease for a car being sold by an independent dealer. I found a low mileage (under 500 miles) Jeep Wrangler but the independent dealer only provides purchase options.

The independent dealer has to have a signed agreement in place with the 3rd party lenders in order to lease through them. It sounds like this dealer doesn’t do leasing so it would be a long shot to try and convince them to sign up to do leasing in order to sell you this Wrangler. Wrangler RVs are very high so you will get a better payment by leasing a new one at a Jeep dealer who is already actively leasing. What city/state are you in? I can see if there is a Credit Union/Dealer in your area and compare them to Ally, US Bank and Chrysler Capital.

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I live in the Washington DC Metro area.

What state is the dealer in?

The independent dealer is in Virginia.

Why go through all this trouble without even knowing if the lease deal you get would be any better (and it won’t) than on a new one, like @RVguy said?