Third party leases of 2016 Chevy SS, given current discounts?

The Chevy SS has historically been a poor lease candidate, especially since there are no GM-sponsored lease programs available (that I know of).

That being said, the Chevy SS, which typically retails for around $50k, has been heavily discounted lately to the high $30k’s, and I’m wondering if that would mean there could be third party lease programs available that would provide a reasonable lease payment as the residual-to-MSRP differential could be quite attractive now.

Anybody know of any options? Are manufacturer-based lease programs really the only way to go?


Where have you seen 10K discounts on SS?

Most remaining 2016’s are 20% off, with 0% financing for 72 months.

See this SS-specific forum for more info.

3rd party lease programs are typically only good in specific, unique situations; things like classic cars, exotics, etc. They don’t really cater “deals” as they don’t really need too. You are much better off just financing / purchasing the car.

The huge discounts are back on the Chevy SS. Did you find a way to lease the car? I was looking at third-party leases also .
There are over 100 cars under $40,000 that’s done more than 20% of the original price.

Hi pesa,

I did not find a way to lease a Chevy SS, it just wasn’t possible.

Instead I found a great lease deal on a Dodge Charger Scat Pack, back in January 2017. You may want to look into my posts on that subject. I was able to get a $47,815 loaded Scat Pack for $0 down, $336 a month, which is very much a Leasehackr-worthy deal. Unfortunately those types of deals are not currently repeatable due in large part to a promotion USBank was running at the time of $3500 cash for leasing with them, coupled with a very high 66% residual.

Good luck!

Leasing is possible your just not going to get the 20% off.

Lease this vehicle with $9,722.60 DOWN at $527.56 for 39 months. TOTAL DUE AT SIGNING is $10,250.16. Lessee responsible for maintenance, repairs, excessive wear and tear. Early lease termination fee may apply. All tax, title, and vehicle registration fees are additional. Offer available to all customers with credit ratings over 750. Lease includes 12,000 miles per year with additional charge of {mileagePenalty}.25 per mile. Total monthly payments are $20,574.84. Option to purchase vehicle at lease end is $25,359.50. No security deposit is required. Payments include $595.00 acquisition fee. undefined Not all lessees will qualify. Higher lease rates apply for lessees with lower credit ratings. Financing available through GMF Lease. Offers cannot be combined with any other advertised offer. See dealer for complete details. Offer expires: 2017-11-30

Whoa yeah that’s a remarkably horrible lease deal.

Spreading the down payment across the lease, your effective monthly payment is about $777 a month, for a $46k car. Not only does that not come even close to the 1% Leasehackr good lease rule, that’s close to double what some people were leasing $70k Hellcats for earlier this year.

In my mind it makes the SS un-leasable. You’d be much better off taking the 20% off and buying it. It’s a lot of car for the money.

Ack! Interesting that the 20% off can’t be applied making the car leasable. With zero down at signing, I’d absolutely lease this car, but as it stands, it’s overpriced.