Third-Party Inspection - Audi

I thought everyone might be interested in what the third-party lease-end inspection process with Audi is like. It was pretty straightforward. You receive notice in the mail and make the appointment online with SGS (the third party inspection company) for a three hour block of time. My inspector called about an hour before he arrived to let me know the time he would be at my house. The inspection took about 30 minutes and I was provided an inspection sheet that indicated no additional charges as well as some specific information such as tire depth at each corner. The inspection is fairly detailed-- they measure the tires, take photos from all angles outside and inside, measure any scratches/dings, record mileage and verify that you have all books/keys.


Having never gone through these before, you said you weren’t charged anything extra, right? So how was the condition of your car? Were you worried about any aspect of the car that might be deemed beyond basic wear and tear?

Correct - no additional charges. Car was in very good condition (usual wear and tear such as rock chips, a few interior scratches). I had two areas of concern – severe wheel rash on right rear wheel and some deep paint chips on left quarter panel. Inspector didn’t mention either and neither was noted on the report.

I had a similar experience with my Infiniti end-of-lease inspection. I had the same wheel rash concerns, but the inspector measured and noted the damage and ultimately I had zero chargeable excess wear.

I came across this thread today on AudiWorld if anybody wants to feel really good about their lease payment. This guy leased an A4 for $892 per month! He needs to find this forum fast.

SGS do a lot of the captive finance market too- thought I’d share for those interested from that perspective: on VW and MBZ

one guy has come out with a paint depth meter and a light tool to inspect the paint(!). There was one area of damage that was repaired by authorized shop but somehow had a spec of dust in the paint - SGS noted $150 for it IIRC. Obviously I complained as it was authorized repair shop and it got taken off. I am fastidious about paint and paint correction and even I didn’t see it - nor would it have been a valid defect in a lease regardless, as it was smaller than a tiny stone chip, and you had to squint to see it. Always argue these things folks.

On the other car there was one wheel with a little bit of rash- fair enough it was there and should be repaired $50 only, but another call to the captive lease company and they waived it.

It’s just an example how some are anal and others are pretty realistic, and your last line of defense is the finance arm/ lease return team.

OP did well as I’ve heard Audi so many times that on hand back they are a pain to deal with, but I guess there are always bad and good stories to hear.

I saw a Mercedes E300 a guy had leased for $1,250!


Somehow i have a feeling that is even a 48 month lease probably. Impossible but wow. My first lease was an ML350 for 670 a month woth mbcare and just first month i think upfront and dmv. After learning more about leasing did not feel as good but this guy takes the cake.

Wow. That’s MSRP plus a bunch of add ons and marked up money factor. Sales guy probably would make $6k on a deal like that.

I just had my inspection done and the inspector noted $0.00 charges, except I’m a bit over on miles - a $200 charge.

My tires are done (46000 mi) and i thought for sure that would be noted on the report. Is it safe to assume the dealer won’t ding me for this when i turn my car in? Thanks!!