Thinking about trading my 2018 into 2020 bmw 3 series need some advice

Had the car for about one year car. It is a lease and I got an amazing deal on it (339) no down payment 12k miles. Only reason I wana switch to a new model is because it has more safety features

Is there a question?


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Unless you want to roll negative equity into the new lease, you will have to post your car on Swap a Lease and hope someone’s willing to take it over. That’s the only way you will get out of this without rolling negative equity. Guaranteed Carvana and Vroom won’t buy it for what is still owed, let alone a BMW dealership.

If you don’t care about thousands in negative equity, go to a dealer, work a deal on your next 3 series and roll that sweet negative into the new car.

Option 1 or option 2 is your advice. That’s basically it.

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yup just learn how to read

You didn’t post a question and being a dick about it isn’t going to win you any favors.


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It’s hard to read your hieroglyphics, to be fair.


MP just clearly answered it

I’m actually interested in what your question is. I, too, am incapable of reading.

Then post it for transfer, we’re done here

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