Thinking About a Newish Raptor...Advice

My wife is now attracted to Raptors. I found a 2022 801A with 2K miles and it appears to be in great shape.

It seems like they hold their value pretty well.

With the market fluctuations swinging wildly, I’m not sure what a good price for the truck would be?

If you experts have some advice to share with me (MMR, etc…) I’d surely appreciate it!

Have you inquired with any dealers about ordering a new one or if they have any coming in unspoken for? How is that used one priced vs original MSRP?


All the local ones are at least 5K/10K on MA be it new or used.

With the 23s, Ford has cut out the heated steering wheel. A definite must in Colorado.

He wants about 5K over MSRP and I am guessing he paid 10k ADM.

Here’s a 2022 selling for MSRP:

Could be extremely hard miles for all we know.

Appearances can be deceiving. Get some qualified to look at it on a lift.

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Roger that! I was planning on a PPI…

why does it have to be local? Cast a net. Ask dealers within 100 miles if they’ll order at MSRP (or under). Then 150 miles. Then 200 miles. Etc. Took me a little work but I found a dealer willing to get me a Mach E at MSRP last year and they were within 50 miles of me.


You mean it is already sold?

look at marketplace someone can find you msrp or $2kish above. i’d get a 2k miles raptor inspected

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Yes. They “forgot” to take the ad down.

Oops. Oh well. Good luck with your search.

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Can you add the heated steering wheel back like with Acura’s?

From what I have read, it seems like it is the same old microprocessor shortage and they are pushing trucks out without them.

It is all across the F-150 line.

Sounds like its about 2k in parts to add on vs. $150 factory install.

Oh I see. Then it really matters I guess if you can get one close to MSRP new for a 2023 then pay the difference for the parts to come ahead of a 2022.