Think Q7 will go lower by the end of the year?

Do you think lease pricing on the Q7 will get more aggressive within the next couple of months with the redesigned 2020s coming out? Located in MA.

Looking to upgrade my car quickly due to growing family but wondering if I should hold out a little longer for better savings…

No one can answer this question my friend

It’s all a guess


Figured as much. Haven’t been shopping them up until the past month so wasn’t sure if you’ve all been seeing a gradual decline in pricing since Spring/Summer.

Possibly will be going through you as I’m local. Just still torn, prefer a Q7 but the XC90 deals are hard to turn away from.

I totally understand.

Really common to be torn between those two!

It’s about a $75/month swing comparing basic trims.

Free maintenance with the Volvo of course.

Newly designed MY (although slight) for the Vo

Give both a test drive and see what you think!

Wow what a rookie I am, wasn’t aware of the free maintenance.

Not a rookie move

They don’t make it easy to find this info!

In terms of purchasing I’ve seen people negotiating to around 30% off sticker. I assume it could be the same target for the selling price of a lease.

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I was at an Audi dealership yesterday. The 2019 Q7 was discounted about 16% off MSRP.

Im going to call BS on that.


I’ve reached out to many dealers over the course of the past week.

Best offer I’ve received is $588/zero down. Cap Cost : $50,700.16 and the Residual Value: (for 3 years ) is 58% ($33,257.00). I realize I’m missing figures to fully evaluate the quality of the deal.

I am in the same boat. I have two cars expiring March/April. Trying to lease a q7 and wondering if it makes sense to pull ahead one of them, which is an a6. I am leaning towards waiting until March unless I see an amazing deal, but wondering if I will regret it. I know it’s tough to predict, but have there historically been Audi deals in February and March?

I’m just taking other’s words so don’t blame it one me. MSRP is $55xxx. There might be trade-in and financing invloved. Texas dealer. Let me PM the guy see if he wants to provide more info

Everyone loves to talk about how great their deal is until you ask to see the contract lol


We have done 15 percent offs to make our quota last month. It was a rare 3 to 4 deals as we needed to hit bpo

Same boat lol

The XC90 deals are pretty good and I’m coming up in February but I can jump now due to positive equity in my current vehicle. Q7 seems to be more driver-focused. If I had a family, I would lean towards the Volvo.

It’s a 3 row suv. How driver focused can it really be?


Depends what trim/packages you get. That virtual cockpit and the V6 (3.0) make it a fun drive. Seems to handle better around corners than most other SUVs in the segment.

To answer OP- Q7 deals will probably stay the same until end of December.

It’s already season of audi, and I’ve leased in that timeframe in ‘17 and ‘18, and they tend to keep everything about the same throughout November and December. You could find one dealer more willing to discount at some point rather than another, but it’s doubtful audi would make any changes to the program and support.

In regard to xc90 vs. Q7, I was in this boat last year.

IMO, the Q7, especially the v6 variant, is just a better vehicle. The only areas in which the xc90 beats the audi is exterior aesthetics (I think the xc90 in r design or inscription trim is one of the best looking SUVs on the road whereas the Q7 is bland) and the rear space (third row and cargo). Q7 is actually more spacious in second row; the Q7 second row is best in class. I also felt interior aesthetics, infotainment and overall fit & finish favored the Q7. I don’t love a 4 cyl on bigger SUVs, so that weighed heavily in my decision to choose the Q7, considering we are a family of 5.

All that said, the insane deals on xc90 probably make it a better lease value right now than a Q7.


Statements like this are unfair and give people false impressions of what is realistic.

Then you ask the guy for the contract and all of a sudden he says his dog ate it

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buyers are liars.