They paid me ~$8700 to put ~50k miles on their vehicles?

So December 2018 I leased my Cadillac CT6 Plug-In as an extra car. I traded in my 2013 Honda Accord (appraised at $9k with Texas Direct/Vroom) and wound up with no payments on a 36 mo/12k lease on the CT6 ($76.6K MSRP). I knew 12k miles a year wouldnt be enough for my driving but figured I’d just turn it in early when i hit 36k miles.

I ended up claiming the EV credit in the State of Texas ($2500) and the Federal Credit on my Tax Return($7500) per my agent at H&R Block. So far that’s $10,000 back in my pocket and all I gave up was my Accord. During my ownership of the CT6, it constantly gave me problems that I could reproduce easily so I kept taking it in for service…

After about 9-10 months I filed a Lemon Law Claim through the BBB to get them to repurchase my vehicle from me. Keep in mind, my vehicle was in for service and I was driving around brand new Cadillacs for months at a time. In total, I calculate I put about 30-35,000 miles on loaner vehicles during the entire ownership of my car and finally turned in my CT6 with ~18k miles on the odometer just the other day. Cadillac agreed to pay me ~$7700 for the repurchase of the Cadillac so I netted out ~$17700 -$9,000(Accord Value). They paid me ~$8700 to put ~50k miles on their vehicles?

By the way, I have multiple vehicles and would typically drive other cars to not mile up the CT6 so quick but since I had free loaners with no mileage caps, I fifgured I’d drive their cars.


Now I’m wondering who works at H&R Block.


I have never seen one example where you can lease an EV and claim the ~7500. The manufactures always claim that amount. Does not seem like the H&R Block knows what they are doing with this credit and leased cars…


When we were doing our tax return I told the lady that I leased an EV and gave her the lease contract… She told me that she would have to check with some higher ups as she didn’t know how it worked… 2 days later she called me back and said “Great news! we figured it out, you go from owing xx to getting back xx” I paid an extra $40 for them to cover anything owed if I get audited

well looks like you now found a new “hack” whit H&R Block. What’s that her name and we’ll all go there and get same deal :slight_smile:


Same. I would put $7500 of that windfall away until the audit period has elapsed

I have heard great things about their audit insurance. But if you get audited you’re screwed.

Also appreciate you sharing, but the terms of all my buyback/lemons terms are confidential, so maybe check to be sure that isn’t the case with you. That and you fessed up to an auditable mistake in your taxes on a public message board. :man_shrugging:t2:


According to a Government Inspector General Report from 2019, “taxpayers received millions of dollars in potentially erroneous Plug-In Credits.”

Hope HRB pays us taxpayers back


Well these are max looting times before the collapse (not joking here). Looting of PPP funds, wall street scams, EITC (sharing kids), etc


Almost as bad as the looter in chief with his father’s estate tax returns.


Yeah, my lemon terms with FCA were confidential, but that never stopped me from posting and talking about how shitty they are anyway. FCA can go fly a kite for all I care. It’s an anonymous message board and they can’t really do jack shit about it anyway.

Also, the IRS doesn’t really have the manpower to read random internet forums anyway. I think he’s pretty safe, even if he is audited. Besides, it’s not his mistake and the IRS doesn’t really care unless you were trying to defraud them and for a huge dollar amount.

I dunno, I’ve had the IRS come after me for a $2k error (taxation of gains from stock options). Honest mistake, got it cleared up and sent them the payment… along with their penalty and interest.

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Covers up to $6k. You’d probably owe $8,000-$8,500 once they add in penalties & interest, but obviously, you’d still come out ahead.

Agreed the IRS will not read chat boards and if H&R Block signed your return…however just going through an audit, even if nothing is really found, is a life change experience (not for the better)


Ditto for VW and Ford. I’m fine saying I have one buyback and one claim, but the terms are confidential. And as spiteful as I can be, their lawyers can be worse (and your lemon lawyer isn’t on the hook to defend you for breech after the fact).

You may think it’s anonymous (I don’t), I see the same usernames here on Edmunds, Reddit, and elsewhere. However little information someone doesn’t share here, I’m often surprised to see what they share elsewhere.

And if you rotate your usernames (as I did endlessly in Usenet and IRC) and email addresses, no worries!

I’ve had them send letters for less (both over and under). The number of human auditors has dropped, but lots is done through data exchange and computerized audit.

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Some of my friends are getting audit letters this MONTH for their 2017 taxes… (filed in Apr 2018), so you may not be out of the woods yet

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Curious if you got the full federal rebate because in TX the programs let you own the car vs bank owning the car?

If it was a ballon and not a lease, that’s also possible.

I didn’t use a lemon law lawyer, just went through the process myself with the help of BBB. I didn’t think I could get the tax credit either but asked the lady at H&R block just in case (doesn’t hurt to ask). I’ve never lied or asked for anything extra on my tax returns. Turn in my W2s, 1099s, and other tax forms and go with whatever H&R says because I’ve heard horror stories from friends/ family. I made sure to get the additional coverage just in case lol

I did not sign any form of NDA regarding the buyback, probably because I didn’t use a lawyer? There was an offer letter, title docs, odometer disclosure, and that was about it. I don’t use this username for many things so I’m probably pretty safe there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: GM Financial/ ACAR Leasing was the owner of the vehicle, not me.

Yeah, HR Block definitely messed up on this… so if they cover you in case the IRS asks for that money, then nice hack, though not sure how replicable it is!

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