These 2019 Forte LXS numbers good?


Good? Bad? Meh?

Lease sheet now below.

There’s gotta be more room to work than $700 discount. That’s pitiful.


Thanks Chris. I appreciate you replying. The 19444 is invoice price. Other than the 3% holdback, are there more profit areas to try to chip into? Are there usually other incentives on top of Kia’s lease cash?

I have no idea, search other threads. I’ve seen selling prices way below invoice IIRC.

Ok thanks. I thought you had some specific information you could share

Wouldn’t that be nice! :spoon:

Hi. Have not signed yet.

I am told the total DAS is 1 payment of $218.01 but this sheet states it is $565.51 in section 6, B, 3.

Not sure what numbers the tax is calculated on or at what rate. Also, not even sure if this is written up correctly for taxes as I live in NJ but the dealer is in NY.
MSRP including destination is 20,240
MF should be .00186, residual should be 52%
Are these numbers all in the right places or am I getting screwed somehow?
Thanks! :upside_down_face:

Thanks for merging these Jon. My bad.