The Tesla Landfill. Shame. Shame. Shame


Also, too much thoughtful writing for a Landfill thread, thanks for TLDR

2 of those months are kind of mandated due to California warn act. 1 more month as incentive to get the employee to sign over rights to sue for whatever reason.

Elon did try to screw employees out of even the 2 months by arguing it’s not a layoff for twitter/X case though.

I mentioned it was a start-up, but the cogent part was - and this is important - TECH company.

3 months vs 2 months isn’t THAT much better. I mean it’s a month for crying out loud. Not like 2 months vs 2 years.

Almost moot anyway. Nobody good needs 2+ months to find a new gig in tech. When I was let go from said start up I had something else lined up the next week. Didn’t even bother applying for UI. Although the 3 months severance was a nice bonus. Wish I got laid off more often. :grinning:

And I just randomly mentioned that it isn’t a startup, but the suasive and giga-important part was that it isn’t a TECH company either.

It’s a car company with tech valuations. Investors seems to think Tesla is immune to issues facing other car companies. Eg. profit margins are only great when demand > supply. When supply > demand, all that owned capital in vertically integrated factories/machines/service centers/dealerships is going to come back and bite.

Also not forgetting that while stocks are shooting up and pay is great, unions won’t gain a foothold, but when stocks are stagnating and layoffs happen left and right, it’s going to be a different story. Wonder how will their profit margins look like when all their factories are unionized.

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The bigger issue is Elon has nothing left to hype up. Cybertruck is a bust. FSD is going nowhere. Robotaxi pfffttt LOL, who wants to own a car which looks like a taxi.

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Do not forget about the Robot ! Who cares about Cybertruck and the rest of the aging car lineup, company is an AI Tech juggernaut now. Also, do forget about the giga-profitable supercharger business.


Not sure how you can forget about Starlink? There is serious money making potential on this, a long haul to five years later but impressive on growth for sure.

People don’t fully trust Tesla financial, even though it is a public company. This sort of analysis of a private company’s single product FCF is way, way less trustworthy. Lots of room to play with funny money paid for space launch to yourself, among other things.

Here is an interesting thread in this:

:clown_face: Interview processes take about that in most companies when the market has an abundance of candidates.

I just hired someone. The entire process was 3 weeks from initial contact from our HR person to an accepted offer. Initial HR phone screen, then me. I like the candidate, so I asked a couple of others on my team to talk to the candidate. They gave the thumbs up. All that was 2 weeks, final week was preparing an offer and going back and forth a little on compensation.

When I was hired I had a quick conversation with HR. Then an interview with my immediate manager, a SVP and the CTO. Then 2 days later they sent me an offer.

Companies who take 2 months to hire someone have a shitty recruitment process. And lose out on good candidates who don’t want to waste time.

Can’t trust Elon’s math but there is no doubt that Starlink is growing and on the way to serious profit - as long as he doesn’t screw it up.

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Lots and lots of doubt.

Similar to superchargers, if you ignore capex, you can grow to the moon and fake all sorts of profitability for a “business unit”.

Here in the real world, capex does matters. Especially so, for a fleet of satellites that are literally designed to fall out of orbit every few years and have to be replaced with more capex. Eventually, you end up firing whole supercharger team, halting all new deployments , and leaving your suppliers and contractors holding their bags.

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