The south suuuuuuucks at lease options


i live in nashville Tennessee and cant find anything worth leasing. been looking in atlanta as well. anyone have any ideas? mostly looking for bmw audi leases.
thanks for any help…

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Use a broker…down south go to broker is @Bacons_C.C

if you’re looking for a BMW, try @dane1201

Also try @IAC for BMW

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you’re not wrong. I live in Franklin, and flew to Philly to score a sweet Tundra lease no one would get CLOSE to touching here. (Thanks Jim!). You’ll do best, no doubt, by using a broker here and letting them do the work for ya.

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I live in Nashville. Use a broker and have it shipped. There’s just not enough dealers for the growth yet. I used lease companion 2x this quarter. Was $600 to have the car shipped overnight. My cost was 50 percent the best local offer (not kidding). I used negotiate my leases - just not enough cars now. Lexus had 2 new cars (not exaggerating), Volvo was 200$ more a month, Mercedes was at 30 0percent inventory, and there wasn’t a tundra within 50 miles.


I’m still not entirely sure how much better I was pay $70 for a one way flight and driving my Tundra back to Nashville area…the mileage alone probably made it more of a push. Oh well, next time I’ll do the $600 ship.

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Oh I went back and forth. It was 40$ nonstop day of flight. I was planning to fly, but it turned out faster (and likely cheaper) to ship. It was the feeling of being the hunter dragging the kill home that I wanted. Bought a big red bow on Amazon for the car, and that helped…

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Going trough a LH broker is well worth it. I have had great communication and experience with @IAC @nextlevelautobrokers and @AutoCompanion serving nation wide.

Good Luck!


wow thank you ive tried to reach out to brokers before with little luck basically got crickets from them. maybe the wrong ones. really appreciate it. im getting the heat from my wife to upgrade my ride (carseats)