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First time posting and new to the forum so I will apologize for the lengthy post. In the past I’ve spent hours upon hours researching my next deal. This time around I thought I would ask the community for their suggestions and recommendations for my next purchase while I continue my search. My target is to lease a vehicle in the next 30 days with a monthly payment equal to 0.75% of the MSRP or less. Been told it cannot happen many times only to figure out a way to make it happen on my last 3 leases. I’m not partial to the manufacturer, model or year. At the end of the day it’s just transportation and I enjoy the game. Please reply with any vehicles suggestions that may meet the following:

What vehicle currently has the highest residual value? (24-39 months)
example - leased a Tundra on a 24 month US Bank lease with a 80% residual value on a 2/24k

What vehicle currently has the lowest Money Factor?
looking for a quad 1or better money factor .00001

What vehicle (make and model) has the greatest lease cash, conquest cash, hold back, hidden cash or manufacturer cash offer?
example Kia k900 - $6,500 lease cash available through 1/31

Which vehicle (make & model) are dealers most willing to negotiate the selling price between 12%- 20%+ off MSRP

open to multiple security deposits, third party leasing (us bank, etc.) or single pay leases.

The preferred vehicle would be a SUV with a MSRP in the 40K-75K range.

I’m anxious to find the next unicorn in which all of the pieces listed above align.

Now let me know what you’ve found in your search…
Thank you,

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Welcome. I hope you find what you want. Not to be a jackass, but kinda sounds like you want everyone else to do the research this time!

Use the search function. Use the trophy garage. But things change each month and this month is about over so the slate will be partially wiped again in a couple days.

Infiniti has very low MF on several models, there’s my contribution.


So you want the car with the lowest MF, highest rebates and highest residual? Oh and the highest discount and the best msd program? Which car is that? So basically you want the unicorn of unicorns? I’m I getting this right?




Let us know what you find with this search that is now…on

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This is a wild way to go about your car search.

You enjoy the game?..yet you dont want to research all your questions yourself?

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You might get a lot of criticism, but I agree with your approach (I would focus on more on low sale price, MF and residual).
My last 5 leases were great deals.

I’m in a search of my 6th lease deal. Hope to find unicorn as well.

Keep in mind many products are priced higher than usual to try and recover from previous financial crisis and prepare for the next one(winter is coming).

Let’s cut to the chase. The only SUV between 45-75k that this might be possible now is probably the QX60.

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this doesn’t make sense at all.

but yeah, qx60 is really the only option

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Have to agree with Infiniti…and to be clear, there just aren’t any great leases out there right now.

I’d be glad to do the work for you…for a nominal fee.


This guy isn’t pulling any punches with his username!

Best of luck your search OP. Let us know what you find so we can discuss!

Accord Touring Hybrid would check all the boxes?


If those were my criteria, the only thing I’d like about my lease, would be the payment. Too many compromises with most vehicles. I want to enjoy what I drive, with as few compromises as possible.

Every vehicle I’ve been interested in has some missing feature or flaw, unless you move up to the very highest trim. My biggest gripe now is Adaptive Cruise Contril. Too many luxury vehicles only offer it on the highest trims, and even then few actually include it. If the perfect vehicle does exist, it’s out of my budget.

Enjoy your low payment, while I enjoy my ride.


how bout you let us know what you find in your search ?

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Man, you’ve got a lot of nerve as if we’re all going to bow to you and do exactly as we’re told! Who do you think you are?


part of the game is to actually find it, not to ask the community to spoon feed it to you.

Why don’t you go do some research, search this site, talk to some dealers, post what you find and we’ll comment/make suggestions?


I think this is the post that I have given the most amount of LIKES to the members replying :rofl:

But in all seriousness, ahhh… I cant even be serious anymore !!!


Why is this not in the “Help Wanted” thread yet?