The Negotiations - Best Way to Start

With past leases my strategy was always to get a good purchase price quote using something like True Car, then find the exact vehicle on a lot near me, and use the quote to negotiate a price I was happy with. Then I’d start negotiating the lease.

I’ve learned a lot from reading this amazing forum, so I’m looking to start a little differently.

It seems the best way to go is to not step foot on a lot until you have a deal you are happy with. So starting via email is it best to initiate contact to secure the best possible price for the car, or to start by asking for their best lease deal for the vehicle?

What does the tone of that initial email look like?

Your wise words appreciated.

It really depends on the dealer you are working with to be honest. A lot of them only want to get you into the door of the dealership, and won’t offer much in the way of real negotiations or deal making over email.

You should generally get a feel pretty early on who is worth dealing with and who isn’t, so long as you have a concrete vehicle you are interested in and make it clear you are an interested buyer.

I’ve leased 2 vehicles based on LH front page deals. In both cases, I gathered up email addresses for internet sales managers for local dealerships for the respective brands. I emailed each of them the same message, explaining the deal I was looking to replicate and linked LH info showing others had signed that very deal. Bottom line is make sure it’s clear that if they can make your numbers work, you’ll come in and sign the papers right away. It will be a low profit sale for them, but they may be looking to hit volume goals or be otherwise willing to close a sure deal.

After spending some time researching deals here, I felt that I understood lease mechanics better than almost all salespersons, so help them help you. In both cases, my deal was just shy of the theoretical best case deal - it was close enough that I was satisfied.

I will tell you that 80% of the dealers I contacted wouldn’t get anywhere near the deal I was looking for. A few tried to just get me to come in (don’t). About 10% tried to make it happen and only about half of those were close. Don’t get too discouraged if you don’t get great results right out of the gate. Cheers!


What @Jables04 said and search “How to negotiate” in this forum.