The Lease-End Damage / Lease End Protection Coverage Thread

We get a lot of questions about what’s chargeable at lease end and what isn’t.

And many people are tempted to purchase lease-end “protection” packages, in the finance office out of fear of the unknown… and most of this coverage is unnecessary and outlandishly expensive relative to the actual benefit.

Please share your inspection reports (with any personal info redacted) and related lease-end damage charges in this thread. Photos are a bonus.

If you purchased a comprehensive a lease-end “protection” package when you got your vehicle, please also mention how much you paid for the coverage.

As I find them, I’ll add links to lease-end guides from various leasing companies so you know what to expect at inspection time.

Questions about damage charges at lease end are also welcome.

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Lease End Guides (work in process - missing links appreciated)

Audi Financial Services

Chrysler Capital


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Nissan Finance

VW Credit

CCAP Lease-End Guide (Jeep, RAM, Wagoneer, Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, etc).

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I never take pictures. But common issues my wife wins in

  1. curb rash
  2. Wind shield crack
  3. Running into walls/poles with paint scraping
  4. Tires below depth.

5 I think she’s also lost a few tow hook cover


When I returned a bmw last time, two of the rims had curb rashes over an inch, bunch of rock chips, and the tires were below acceptable on a few attempts, plus one of my pirelli run flats had busted and the only used one to match the size online was made for Mercedes (otherwise the same) and said so.

BMW is great.