The dealer laughed at my offer now CLosed

The salesperson I interact with discredit all my sources before pandemic lockdown : edmunds forum for mf rv and leasehackr.
He thought they all misleading.

He called my 1k above invoice offer unrealistic.

Rip Mazda of Alhambra :joy:

The last straw was when a few disgruntled Mazda customers threw a firebomb inside during the protests. RIP Mazda.

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There’s no reason to talk about LH or Edmunds with them. If the info is correct, it’s correct. If they don’t want to do the deal, that’s fine.

If they said no to $1k over invoice, it sounds like they did you a huge favor.


Got my Mazda 6 from Culver City. They were pretty straightforward. Dealt by text and couple of calls later, they sent a Lyft to pick me up, 20+ miles. In and out in 30 minutes.

He was very curious about why I was so sure about numbers

I tried to reach via email with famous fleet manager Tony over there but no response. You got a name to reach?

It wasn’t so bad that they rejected my offer.

But the worst part is that they laughed at me !