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That FlexLoan @ CUTX sounds pretty good as a modified balloon with options.

Rates are nowhere to be found though :frowning_face:

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Someone posted about it before:

6.75% isn’t great but it is better than 8.9% for sure.

Balloon loans are, minimum, 1pt over standards rates, so 6.75 reflects a 5.75 base rate. Right now, this is the best you will find at a CU offering balloon loans – outside regional upstate NY options.

None of those are balloon loans.

He’s showing you regular rates that are lower than what you said is available:

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None of those CUs offer balloon loans, how is it applicable?

Read above? You said there are no base rates better than 5.75%, he showed you there are. Nothing to do with balloons. That’s how I understood your post.

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I was talking in context of CU’s that offered balloon loans. I have modified my post.


Makes much more sense, thanks.

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Preowned BMW finance is offering 5.49% for 36mo.

About the same as the return rate on a 36mo CD.

When I click on that link it gives a 404 error. I searched the website and the lowest car loan advertised is 7.04%. I haven’t seen rates this low in years.

The post you’re referencing is over a year old, so that would likely be why. Browsing the forum for the first time since a long visit can be confusing, you can drop back into a thread that is 1+ year outdated easily.


It shows as 5 days ago on my screen and comes up at the top of

Looks like Fedchoice has raised rates by .25%

Fyi, the Fresno Educational Employee CU (EECU) has a promotional rate of 4.89% up to 72-months. This is valid till 12/31 for new auto loan (2020 or higher).

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