The average American spent $4.67

So wealthy people could drive around in Tesla cars.

Welcome to America. Our tax money pays for a ton of stuipd things. Like people on welfare getting more money for making babies, elected officials to ride in limo’s farmers paid to not grow crops.

Each American should pay me $4.67 for not driving a Tesla.

If there are 320 million Americans then I would clear a cool ~$1.5 billion.

I would really enjoy that non-Tesla then.

I’m happy to pay $4.67 (less than the cost of a single latte at Starbucks) so that Tesla can build word class cars in America and export them to the rest of the world, creating jobs for Americans. I’m happy for America to be the world leader in EV technology and for other car companies playing catch up with America’s technological leadership. I’m happy that Tesla is now building affordable cars that the masses can buy and that they are revolutionizing the way we drive. That’s the best $4.67 I’ve ever spent!!!


It also forces other manufactures to innovate and bring to the market.

I remember at the NAIAS 30 years ago or so Ford had a Hydrogen powered car. Yet where is it? We can build giant platforms in the ocean to drill miles under the ocean floor to get oil but someone else can’t figure out a better way?

There are plenty of better ways. The government stifles them.

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Ok how was this figure calculated?


Well i think the 320MM should be lower. Just paying taxpayers should be counted. However, that credit is for cheaper cars for the masses as well.

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Not sure we need barely veiled political threads on LH forums.

I do not believe it is but i can see how it can be construed that way.

Ya note I said per American and not tax payer.

At best only half the credit will carry over to the Model 3.

It’s not thinly veiled, it’s math.

That 4.67 is too conservative. Tesla also got tax subsidies for its factories and it sells zero emissions credit to other manufacturers. Those credits arr a form of carbon tax paid by consumers of ice cars to Tesla. Iam mot saying it is bad, but might as well do the right math

Here’s the total value of subsidies and government loans that Tesla received since its inception according to Good Jobs First:

It would also be important to note that among those 8 subsidies totaling $2.4 billion, about $1 billion worth accounts for tax breaks over a 20-year period that started in 2014 when Tesla started construction on the Gigafactory in Nevada. Therefore, Tesla has yet to utilize those tax breaks and it will have to spend tens of billions of dollars in the state of Nevada over the next 18 years in order to fully take advantage of them.

So not accounting for unused tax subsidies that roughly doubles it to ~$9.

Tesla now employs over 14,000 people. Still one of the best investments in our country any of us will ever make in our lives:

That would equate to $278,000 per job.

Let’s not forgot the $1.1B invested in Solyndra ($500M taxpayer / $600M private) and look at all the jobs we have from that investment :wink:

For every investment the government makes that works out, there’s probably 5 others that fail. New Energy / Technology investments should be left to the private sector, not the government.

“For every investment the government makes that works out, there’s probably 5 others that fail. New Energy / Technology investments should be left to the private sector, not the government.”

that’s about the same failure rate as the private sector. According to Forbes, every 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. In some industries the failure rate is much higher.

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Please keep this political chatter to the website political chatter hackr. Please. Let’s not sully this great community with political bile.