That i3 deal in CA

I have seen a lot of <150$ deals after all discounts and rebates. Can someone point me to one in CA? Ready to sign now but need a bit guidance.

With a lady like that, you should at least get a 5-series.

(Unless you qualify for Loyalty and every other possible incentive, the <$150 price with $0 down won’t be possible)


Start with the introductory posts, read through the i3 posts, figure out what you qualify for, and start contacting dealers. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

There is hardly any i3 inventory luckily I got one November 1.

:grinning: she already has g63. i3 is for me :joy:

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Very low inventory around NorCal and most of them are higher MSRP. Those ~$150 are like base model. She has a g63? Sounds like you don’t need to save gas money at all lol, why i3?

Need something cheap to take the “work” miles, not miserable (seems the best ROI for that price range) and I never had electric car (fun toy).

This was one of the best posts I have ever seen on LH.

Granted, I think it is only publicly acceptable to come from another lady, but it was so so good.

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Oh yes best ROI indeed, couple years ago, manufacture will nearly pay you to drive their electric car lol like FIAT…
Unfortunately you might’ve just miss that boat. Next cheapest option might be Toyota Mirai with HOV sticker, free maintenance, free hydrogen. But you do have the risk of stations run out of hydrogen and can’t fill up the car for couple days, and no better parking space at the mall where EV can plug in(usually they are closer to entrance).

Take one from Autopia . I took 2 weeks ago .

1- 2019 BMW I3 BEV
with loyalty
Due on signing: 2500+ $400 broker fee
with MSDs: 114+tax

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If no LOYALTY, how much add on 135 monthly? also after purchase, how much rebate for this EV? thanks

Loyalty is $3000 for i3. so it’s about ~$130 different. Since it’s a loaner, it won’t qualify for CVRP($2000).

Haha, glad you didn’t take offense to it.

Good luck finding a car! Highly recommend @BMW_Dave if you are in the area (or even not in the area).

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appreciate all the info in this thread. I was looking for something similar

No wonder you are resorting to an i3! haha jk