Thankful for this site

I am making a post to encourage others who have benefited from this site to contribute to the maintenance.

I only found this website a short time ago. Without this website I would not have gotten the deal I did on a Toyota Tundra lease. This website has made me a smarter shopper. No doubt…

I encourage all others who benefit from this site to contribute. Consider this: If you save over $100/mo on a lease because of this site, doesn’t it make sense to make a small contribution of $50 or $100 (or more) to keep this site active and make sure this site is here to help you on your next deal?


I would encourage you to consider the fact that there are many ways to contribute to this site aside from monetary contributions.

There are many people that help in many different ways.

Some of those ways are actually far more valuable then the monetary contributions.

I am sure you are correct.

I was just looking at it from the perspective of most “users”. To keep a site like this up and running smoothly it takes a lot of work by people with a diverse skill set.

I am sure there are many ways to contribute to this site. However, for many people, like myself, a monetary “contribution” may be the best and easiest way they can contribute.


Thank you @cmdavey!! It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that millions of dollars have been saved through this site, and it comes down to the contributions of the community here – both monetary and non-monetary.