THANK YOU! About $215 a month for an i3

A HUGE Thank You!!! out to everyone in these forums, especially @HN308 who I think recently suggested the 24 month lease option with the Acq. Waiver for another i3 deal. Perhaps it has been mentioned before, but that change made this a pretty nice deal.

I’ve just arrived home with my new 2017 i3 REx. It was a demo with a little under 1400 miles on it. The MSRP was 48445, so it’s about as basic as you can get with a REx. The dealer agreed to a 40K sales price (17% off). I only got the base 7500 rebate - apparently the fleet cash isn’t available on demos (something I read elsewhere on the forum confirmed that). Next time I should have loyalty too, if I go for another BMW.

It was a little under $1500 drive-off and the monthly payment after tax is about $215 and change.

My local electric company is supposed to give a $1000 rebate as well, I believe…

So, not nearly as good as a California or New Jersey deal on an i3, but the best I could find in the southeast. (A dealer in Tennessee)

About the only disappointment is that it doesn’t seem to have a rear view camera… (I just get the rear sensor view when I’m backing up to something)

But, I can’t complain too much. I wanted an electric car, meaning a Bolt, Leaf, or an i3 for a low monthly payment. Bolts and Leafs are kinda crazy now, in terms of leases in my area. Getting the REx was a bonus.


That is a good discount you negotiated. You could have got another 1k in rebate with the OL code which I have put the link to generate. Also on the 17s there should be lease bonus cash of 2k.

Anyways still a pretty good deal. You are paying accord Camry payment for a car twice it’s price.

Enjoy it and next time post your deal before signing on the lease so we can help if you left something on the table.


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Thanks again - The 2K lease cash doesn’t seem to be in the south. I believe the source I read about demos said the OL codes weren’t usable either.

In any case, I’m pretty happy with the deal. Thanks again! The elimination of the acquisition fee was pretty big, since it’s so much on a BMW.

OL codes don’t work for demos

I must have misread it being a demo. You are correct about the demo and OL codes not being combined.


Do 2017 I3’s still have lease support?

Thank you!

no, it was ended 2 weeks ago.

I think it is through the end of April. I got mine on April 7th.

Thank you, that’s good to know. Might still have time to pursue one.

This was a demo, so OL codes did not apply, I think. But do you know if the St. Moritz OL code ($1000) applies for new 2017 i3’s? Anyone had any luck with this?

If it’s a new car, I think these other codes and Fleet can apply.

That is correct. OL + fleet can be used on NEW only. If punched as a loaner, they don’t apply.