Texas Jeep Lease Approach


Is there a best way to find a broker that can help me with a Jeep GC lease in Texas? I looked at the “south marketplace” and “brokers review” section and couldn’t find anything. If there is a better way to search this forum or online? please do let me know.

I am looking for something somewhat specific (given the lack of inventory) and although I did my research and narrowed it down to specific cars in specific dealerships every time I reach out via their website I literally get the pawned off from an internet sales director to a sale consultant to an assistant, back to the social media person recommending different cars and “if that one would be ok with me to run numbers on” even if I clearly state on my emails the one I am interested in and even provide a VIN and a link from their website etc…
OR I call them and I end up giving my number out to “get a call back” only to receive automated spam texts and never an actual person etc.
OR literally getting a reply from one dealership literally saying " Hi, The car is in Houston (4hrs away). Thanks. Goodbye"
I sound frustrated because I am, it might be brand and location related but I have been trying for a week and I have made ZERO progress in getting any kind of real numbers trying to do this remotely and not going into a dealership (which I cannot do).
Any advice (or pointing me to a related thread and closing this one) would be much appreciated, Thanks!

It’s not just Jeep. I’ve been cross shopping BMW and Alfa and it’s the same BS. I love how all these companies are advertising at home shopping, “Concierge Service” and at home delivery during this pandemic and when you reach out to a dealer, the first thing they say is “When can you come in to see if we can put a deal together?”

And don’t even get me started with the “internet sales team”…

If you find a Texas broker for Jeep/FCA let me know!

I actually love that. All of them say it. Best is when they promise extra incentives if you come in. They just conditioned that way.

Did you find something?? I rented a rubicon Gladiator, thing was sweet. Started looking for them at dealers went to the dealer just for them to quote me MSRP. I got up and left 2 places, told them we were wasting time if we weren’t going to start at their online price.

Found some in Cali they only wanted to finance, but don’t know why everyone refuses to deal here in Texas. Can’t even try to lease if they BS you with the price.

Any Luck? Interested in a Wrangler 4XE deal

Don’t bump up dead threads. There are recent 4xe threads that explain everything you need to know but you’ll have to work for it. Posting "interested in this deal’ will get you nowhere.