Tesla Ordering Tips - And Most Other Reasonable Things Tesla

Constantly disengages - I want to be able to change lanes and steer a little without it disengaging. Phantom braking happened too often for me and I spoke to a Tesla insider and it is not just shadows/bridges… it can be map based. New portions of highways default to 50mph and I’ve encountered phantom braking on the I-4 express in Orlando when it was new (and many many others as this is a common complaint on the CFL Tesla group).

Rivian copied Tesla too much… from the PAAK, to controls, to the crappy AP. Before I sold my R1S, Driver+ was update to allow lane changes (it would re-enable after)… but still disengaged if you remotely steered.

Even the crapola rental Sonata I drove 2 hours back after selling my R1S had lane centering (which is on all Hyundais - I’ve owned an Ioniq 5 before) that worked so well that I didn’t even bother with ACC. I used it for 90 minutes and through various highway construction areas and local roads.

My EQS will sometimes “phantom” break as in when a car starts drifting towards my lane. Mercedes ACC breaking is quite harsh too, so it’s easy to get carsick. In fact every breaking phantom or not EQS is extremely harsh and reactive. Everyone tells me it feels like a boat.

I have seen good reviews for Nissan against Tesla, though.

Not really good for the economy. Cheap cars’ floors are getting higher, whereas all the more expensive cars are moving towards the cheap end. You can see where that’s going.

Updated the software last night in my Model Y and today I had FSD trial enabled on vehicle, was too sensitive and gave me a first out of 5 warnings… I will test it out with Sunglasses to see if it works better, or block the camera, but overall seemed like a good drive, I also tested the “Traffic Light and Stop sign” in Autosteer Beta mode and it slows down the car at 400 ft before any intersection/light-(green or red lights, stop signs), so pressing on the “gas” pedal at the 400 ft mark will propel you through a Green light FYI.

I wouldn’t pay for FSD nor will I do a monthly subscription, Autopilot is just fine for me :call_me_hand:

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…Hyundai, Volvo, Polestar, VW

And just to fully clarify, I mean lane following ACC (although the Hyundai can change lanes on the highway, when you engage turn signals), as opposed to any kind of nav following autopilot.

Having tried FSD, I think the base Tesla autopilot has been intentional made worse than it can be

Tesla is 100x worse than Volvo IME for that.

Indeed I had the Volvo system for 6 years and the Tesla AP tried to kill me about 600% more times in the first week than the Volvo one ever did in those 6 years!

Main difference is in slow moving traffic where ACC really comes into its own. I have to disable the Tesla AP as its simply too jerky. It’s not the same with FSD…

Tesla offering 27.9k for trade in of model 3 SR.

Will I actually get that amount or will they reduce the amount when I go in?

What do you think? :grin:

If they had you take pictures and already evaluated it, you’re prob safe

Only got online estimate. No pictures submitted but condition is like new.

Just a reminder that the w4t discord has a number of active offers for the use of a member referral code by net new buyers. Easy way to pick-up an extra bonus, on top of the offer from Tesla. See first post for discord information.

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In case anyone is still looking, there’s a sub-$80k non-demo Model X for pickup in Chesterfield, MO 63005

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Would have been useful to me end of last year. :upside_down_face:

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That’s the motto of Tesla owners the last year or so.


Tesla is offering larger discounts on remaining 2023 Model Y inventory (or in-transit) units.

DennisCW breaks it down…


Anyone think they’re going to reduce the prices for the S and X even further?

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Just a matter of time.

Even then, why? Get another ev, plenty of better option with cheaper price

I agree. Tesla lost the appeal to me in the last three years. The brand is basically stagnating, with almost no innovation and constant feature removal.

Carvana bids went up recently. Is that an outlier or did the broader market also?