Tesla Order take over, is this worth it?

Hello Everyone,

I wasn’t particularly in the market for a car but I just got offered to take over someone’s Tesla order in California. So I am very tempted to take over their order. I have these two options. Please note that for year 2023 I would not qualify for the tax rebate due to income limitations (I am single). For the year 2022, I do qualify for the tax rebate.

Option 1:
This person is saying he can transfer the order and is not asking for anything in return. He does not know how Tesla order transfer works. The car was reserved 1.5 years ago.

Option 2:
This person would probably want some :dollar: and this one is being delivered in 2 weeks.

This is the message the person sent me:

Transfer is possible, first, I will let you know my tesla account and you fill your info in the title, that’s means you are the owner of car but Tesla account is mine, after you get your title, we can transfer to your tesla account.
Price after Tax is $54191.35, I guess you are eligible for $1200 deductible, so you may need to pay 54191.35-1200=$52991.35 totally.

I am not sure what this $1200 deductible is. Probably a California thing?
Please let me know what people who know about Teslas think about these deals. Is it worth taking over any of these cars? I am also unaware of Tesla’s order transfer policy.
If I do take these cars, I only plan to keep them for a year or two.

Thank you.

This is like debating an Escalade or a ct4, two totally different cars. Do you want a model X or a 3 ?


Agreed! I don’t even really understand the OPs question.

Do you want to pay 140K on a top of the line Model X or pay like 53K for a base Model 3.

If you just want a Tesla and don’t care about anything else then save the your money and get the Model 3.

If you have a particular desire for the Model X then get that.

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Not sure. Haven’t researched enough about Teslas. Which is why I am here asking the question.

Just want a fun car to drive around for a year or two if the deal is good. Don’t want to sink too much money into it once I sell the car. Taking over a 1.5-year-old reservation that could save me about $20k just sounds like a nice deal to me.

There are no tax rebates for Teslas for 2022.


Drive both and see if you feel like the Model X is worth the premium.

140K there are many other fun cars in that range.

I don’t think you will have any tax credits. Last I checked a few weeks ago, there were none. I would be subject to the same income caps so I was looking at moving up my purchase as well.

For Tesla we don’t publicly know if they will meet the battery component requirements. And they did not qualify for any 2022 credits.


I thought Tesla wasn’t allowing reservation transfers?

So just say “no thanks” and move on.


I would strongly suggest doing this first before asking internet strangers for their opinion.

I am not sure if Tesla offers test drives. Better yet, see if you can find either one at a car rental place and rent both for a day.

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I did test drive a Model Y about 5 months ago. Liked it a lot.

But aren’t your options between a model 3 and a model X?

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For now, I am just looking into model X. Specifically because of that discount because of ordering so early.

If you plan to flip it’ll be underwater instantly


Reservation transfers are not permitted by Tesla and can result in suspension of your user account and the inability to purchase and/or register future purchases (blacklist). In some corner cases people have gotten it to work, but it requires deep knowledge of the Tesla system and a willing SA. This is more likely a scam to steal your deposit then an actual valid offer.


Or could just be an uninformed seller with outdated information or preconceived notions on how reservation transfers work now.

The first guy is trying to get rid of an underwater Model X that is no longer flippable. These are selling for $10K under MSRP (or greater) so why would anyone take this over?

The second guy is suggesting withholding ownership of the account until the title is received, which can take up to 30 days. His use of word deductible is wrong. This sounds extremely sketchy.

Neither of these sounds like opportunities with positive value for a buyer. If you are insisting on taking over a reservation, you need to find one where it’s #1 the only car on the account, so the whole account can be turned over, and #2 where the registration information has not been provided, so you can still put in your own. You must get full ownership of this account before making any payment. In most cases you need to take delivery at or the near the same location originally selected. You should expect to pay at least 50% of the price difference to the original reservation holder.


The advantage of taking either of these cars is skipping the line and getting the car without waiting a year or so, and the other point is you are getting the car at the old price. The $10,000 FSD is now $15,000. Other numbers may have changed as well. If they have, they have gone up.
Are these the options you would have selected? Are they your color? How much more would the Plaid cost?
The only option on the Model 3 is the 19" Sport Wheels.
Are they going to your state?
The X is about $19,000 under what you would pay if you ordered it today, and the 3 is about the same price you would get today.
I would be very careful with any of these. I do not know what Tesla would do.

Isn’t that the current price? Instead of picking one up in 2 weeks, you could potentially pick one up this week if its still available by the time you see this - https://waitingfortesla.com/v?vin=5YJ3256_ea4faf9828c8cc2e596c65d138691c7d