Tesla Model S/X Leases

Anyone interested in numbers on a Tesla lease? If so, send me location and what you’re looking for. Happy to run numbers for those interested.

Atlanta most inexpensive tesla. Probably X

Sent you an S and an X quote. $916 for an S, $1,266 for an X.

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Msrp on the model s ?

For the Atlanta one? 90K.

Tesla are probably the worse to lease. They don’t discount anything and don’t pass on the $7500 federal rebate.

And the 5%+ interest rate.

These deals won’t come close to the August 2016 deals at $600-700 a month plus drive-offs on brand new cars…

Yea. Those numbers are extremely off for a non-super car for me.

Orange county. 90D. …

S or X? Any specific features you need?

so they had deals at some point? what did they do?

S. Enhanced auto pilot, not the self driving capability.


Looking for an X in Florida. Must be 90/100 and AP2 please.

Check out the tesla forums. They have a thread that’s like 50+ pages long on the subject from last year to give you a good idea of what people were getting. Loaded cars for half what they’re charging now.

A loaded 90 5 seater, $1,240 before taxes and fees.

What is the MSRP? Are your quotes any different/lower than if we were to price it out on their website?

Yep. They have miles and price adjustments

Interested. Could you please PM me your contact. Thank you.

Tesla S cheapest one/ lease / San Jose