Tesla Model 3 Reservation “transfer”

Don’t really know if this fits in the marketplace since it’s not a lease transfer, but I have a Model 3 reservation that’s ready for configuration. I can’t take delivery anymore since I’m moving and can’t export the car with me, nor my leased Bolt or Focus Electric :frowning:
Anyways, feel free to PM me if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks!

I thought this couldn’t be done beyond a family member.

I’m interested. What does the transfer process involve?

Not allowed per Tesla.

Take the tesla and resell it

What is not allowed? Reselling the car?

Reselling would be when you recieve the car and then sell it. O.P wants to transfer reservation. He is not able to take delivery of the car

I’ve seen a few data points on the Tesla forums where current res holder takes delivery with the new buyer and get the car registered in the new buyer’s name, so it is possible.

Get zwz002 also interested - can you PM me the details? Thanks!

It is possible to transfer to a “family member”.

So if you show up to pick up with your “family member”, their verification seems to be asking “Are you a family member?” and you just need to say “Yes”.

It’s not like they are going to ask for genealogical records.

What if one guy is Asian and the other African, you think that would fly?


A brother from another mother!
Or just say one of you is adopted. Problem solved. Is Tesla really gonna be requesting birth certificates?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I just laughed out loud reading that.

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Even twins can be biologically different.

I’m picturing Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker picking up the car.


In-laws are also family members, but you may not know this.

I’ve done two transfers without a hitch. PM me if you are interested in SoCal.

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