Tesla Model 3 or Y lease or finance?

Hello Hackers,

I live in South Florida and currently drive a 2018 Civic Type-R that is almost paid off. I think I can get close to 40k for it.

I’m interested in getting a 2021 Tesla Model 3. I don’t know much about it but I know I want to make the switch to electric.

What are your thoughts on leasing vs financing the Model 3?

I usually don’t keep the same vehicle for more than about 3 years.

For this car definitely buying is the way to go. If used car market stays like now might get most of your money back after selling in 3 years.

Do not lease it.

Over a 3 year period, the lease will cost you at least an extra $3000. You also have no means of capturing any equity as tesla does not allow 1st or 3rd party buyouts anymore. Your option is to either turn it in to tesla or turn it in to tesla. Can’t buy it yourself or have anyone else buy it.


What they said above. Finance or buy out right !

Kinda reminds me of the rugpull squid game coin…you could only buy it, and get the shaft.

Thanks for the replies. If the lease is going to cost me an additional $3000 than I guess buying is a no-brainer.

Only downer is that I am ok with a Model 3 base (because I don’t know the difference right now and probably want to keep it that way so I don’t get cravings for additional features), but the cheapest ones I see for sale are 55k.


I assume you’re looking at new teslas in inventory? If so, they all come equipped with FSD. You can have it removed before taking delivery and they will take $10k off the price.

With that said, the price difference between an SR and a LR model makes it very difficult to justify the small battery.

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How much more in fees for financing opposed to cash upfront? I think the rate is 2.49 is there anything else tacked on?

What are your thoughts about removing the FSD given where the technology is at today and me selling the car in 3 years?

Also, can you elaborate on the price difference between the SR and LR? My commute is pretty much 8 miles to work and when I am with fam we usually use my wife’s car.

I see no value in paying $10k for fsd, especially if you’re holding it for 3 years. They keep talking about doing it as a subscription service at $199/mo if you don’t have it. That $10k increase doesn’t amortize nicely on a 3 year period. If you want it down the road, do the subscription.

The LR is something like $4k more (they keep changing prices). It’ll easily make that back up when it sells, plus you get more range, more power, awd vs rwd, etc. Doesn’t make sense to skip that option.

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Gotcha! This info is super valuable. Thanks so much for those tips

There’s a fantastic thread on here for getting a tesla fast. Lots of back and forth, but lots of valuable information.

If you want one, I’d recommend hoping in the discord there and setting alerts for your locale. It’ll alert you when an inventory car comes into stock. When you find one that meets your needs, jump on it. Rather than have one shipped, just wait and watch for a week. Something local will show up.


LR3 order wait times are pretty short last I checked.

Always finance a Tesla.


Where can I find this discord?

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Just my 2 cents: If you’re coming for from a civic type R you probably want at least the Lang Range and perhaps even the performance.

Have you driven any of them before?

It’s been reported that Tesla has also been removing FSD when it is sold through a dealership (but not private parties) so probably would not get any resale from FSD… You can also buy the FSD software at anytime

I have not. Need to do that soon. Truth be told I rarely ever drive my type-r very hard anyway. I think i got it as more of a mid life crisis thing. Brought back some nostalgic memories of when i was in highschool and college and wanted a supped up honda or integra so bad but didn’t have 2 quarters to rub together at that time.

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I’ve heard that they’re removing private party too just recently.